And this is happening now because i totally forgot my little leftover Roquefort almond block at the back of the fridge. :)))))

Around Christmas time i started my nut ‘cheeeese’ project with so much fun. After that i ordered some precious Roquefort mold (and camambert) to try a nut version… i was showing the whole proccess thru a couple of blog post here – the beggining – then the: – why the hell nothing is happening here – post, and finally the result i was waiting for…. hahahaha

Just got the sentence out (from this last post) saying: “i think i reach the maximum result” after 5 weeks. Well. Now we are approx 6 months later. And i still kept a small piece of Bluenut’.

It was a very successful experiment – however it started a bit slow and full of doubts how it was suppose to work… anyway. It did and i was happy. The biggest thing i learnt from this project – there is no rush when we are dealing with molds. They love to taking there time and grow slowly and peacefully. So better if you just sit down and enjoy the show.

Not much else i wanted to say here – more to show how my half year old baby looking like.

The mold looks more alive than ever – and nice, clean, hairy-blue outside. Nothing nasty. I tasted it and still gorgeous – more sour than it was but it suits perfectly as i was lack of salt from the beggining anyway. Breaking a piece off – the almond crumbly and harder, everything looks pretty much well preserved. So i quickly decided to cook with it and see how did the flavour develop in this timeframe.

Just threw together a blue tacos, steamed some purple cauliflower and (cause i love cauli with bluecheese!!!!) cooked buckwheat in rice cream with the bluenut innit. Absolut fab. Easy. Glutenfree. Sugarfree. Dairyfree. Vegan. Nomnom. Welcome back my good old friend – forgotten in the back of the fridge. :P

lets start a new project….

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