Hello Everyone!

Apologies of being quiet nowadays. Let me give you a small update about my conditions.

Not so great but f@ck it could be worse. Should i accept to live with this forever? eeeee nooooo.

I ve got my bloated belly back. Not like 24/7 – but pretty much all the time. I ve got tired of focusing on that diet that much – it was consuming faaaaar too much energy from me (the cooking part took all my spare time each every day). Wait no. I want to re-phrase this. The diet was done anyway (with success). I have got tired of cooking 2 different one portion-meals every day. So i stopped it and ‘playing ad hoc’. Still important what i consume, i do lots of vegetables and (not enough) legumes, nuts and fruits – i eat only little dairy products- goat or ewes cheese sometimes, and gluten (as a form of homemade pasta) like very rarely – once in a week or even less. But when i was re-introducing all these things to my diet – i didnt show any intolerance towards them. Crazy. Apart from the random symptoms. Coming and going.

Sugar i m less stressed about – i dont use white sugar anymore for myself – enjoying the benefit of some beautiful manuka honey or nosugarstillsweet stevia if i really have the temptation of some healthy pudding.

my vegan soy-yarrow panna cotta made with stevia

footnote: i made a gorgeous chocolate sabayon birthday cake with weetabix and miso caramel to my fav fab workmate at the bakery – and i did have a tiny slice of it however i made it with looots of white sugar (and love). Its not a usual thing but its ok.

naughty birthday cake

Unfortunetaly i have less time to go and get seafood and fish – so i eat less of this (have to push it i know). Im trying to keep my booze intake on a ‘twice a week’ level – only on my days off (when i can enjoy my bath with candles) or when i have a ‘call date’ with friends in the middle of the night after work.

precious times – wine date at 2pm and 4am: New Zeland – UK

I have my bloated belly back. But i didnt gain back any of the lost kilos – still 55kg.

footnote: i was thinking about what could be the reason for this. I am eating pretty much the same things than before during my diet – same ingredients. One big difference happened – that i had to stop using my ‘digestion aid enzymes’ which were helping my belly to do its job properly – i stopped it 2 weeks before my stool test to make sure it wont influence the result. So if there is anything to do with this – than it means im missing some enzymes big time.

So i did the stool test. I paid that beautiful amount of money for it – so now i cant wait to get back the results and discuss it with my nutritionist. Why and why and WHY? And more important – what can i do to make my gut working properly and to support my bacterias to do their job – so i will be able to eat everything in the future without having my belly bloated to a 5 months pregnancy level. PRETTY PLEASE. Or should i just get use to this? But i ve seen 3 months ago that it was possible having a flat tommy. A normal tommy. i dont know.

honey and pineapple weed icecream – small temptation.

Also i started to follow a couple of great women out there on instagram who are suffering from the same sypmtoms like i do (check out danaemercer – journalist). Its crazy when you are actually facing with the fact that its not only you. Not at all. Thousands and thousands of other human beings are stressing out out there in the world couse of this very same thing. It gives a weird support and a good feeling of ‘not i am the only weirdo’ with this sh’t. And showing that WE STILL NEED TO LOVE OURSELVES nomatter what. Nomatter if we have bloated belly or looking like pregnant etc etc. BECAUSE WE ARE STILL BEAUTIFUL. So its a very very nice feeling. I am just hoping that as soon as i get back any result i can just share it, share the conclusions so maybe will be able to help others. Get rid of frustration. We dont need that. Neeeeeeeh.

Open up your mouth…!

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