Hello All!

I ve just got back my stool test results yesterday and i had a deep consultation with Sally – my nutritionist to analize my datas.

Basically i ve got back the best outcome ever. I HAVE A PARASITE. LOL. Yes, indeed. I have a little parasite ( or a whole family ) living in my digestive tract somewhere over the rainbow. His name is Blastocystis Hominis – but i just call him Bela. Here we are:

So its a protozoan bug. What does this mean? Keeping it simple – ‘he’ is more complex. Its a very common complex bug – still questionable if its harmful or not but… once you know you have it u just want to get rid of it. And its not supereasy. Obviously its a little living creature who enjoys to stay in a cosy environment. So see what we can do – i did a bit of a research.

Bela lives in contaminated food and/or water. Usually connecting its appearance with animals, pets around. So however exciting it seems like – its not an exotic asian gut worm what you brought home from India. Thanx God. Common – very common as i mentioned before. And sometimes you dont even realize having it – not always showing symptoms. I dont know for how long i have mine. But the symptoms developed clearly now – and its kindof the same like having IBS. Most cases of the infection appear to become diagnosed as irritable bowel syndrome.

He eats my good bacterias. This is a very good reason for him to stay in me – considering the amount of fermented food and probiotic stuff i eat. He is hungry and i kept feeding it. This is why my level of good bacterias looking pretty weak.

numbers should be around 3-best 4

Because i am lacking on these good fellas – my defending system is not doing great – and i am struggling with a low level of ‘yeast overdose’ yes.

So the whole picture is coming together. And while Bela is chewing on my healthy bacterias… producing gas. Looooots of it. In other words – he is farting. Inside of me. LOL. Which makes me gassy and bloated. All the time – nomatter what i eat or drink or breath in. The little f@cker. Yes.
Has to go because:

  • I have low levels of beneficial bacteria
  • Imbalanced flora
  • A small amount of yeast
  • Low levels of the immune globulin secretory IgA
  • Low levels of short chain fatty acids (bacterial by products that improve health)

Thanks to Bela. BUT NO THANX.

Whats the next step? Well – conventional medicine first looks to metronidazole (aka flagyl) as the first line of defence against Blastocystis hominis. But many researches showed that Bela is being very resistant to this antibiotic – so u might think its been gone for good – when attacks back harder then ever after a couple of month.

pretty low level of defending tissue

So what i will going to do… going for the herbal treatment. Slowly. Killing me slowly.

The plan starts with a diet – nothing new for me – eliminate sugar and yeast 10000%. This does not make any real difference in my lifestyle now – i only have to skip my wine for this 3 weeks period of time. The harder part will be to eliminate all the fermented food and probiotic yoghurt from my diet – to make Bela starve. I have to stop feeding it – no sugar, no yeast, no bacterias. And loooots of fibres to take. Before i kindof stopped eating them – cause they harder to digest in general but now my body needs all that plus more and more energy. And no raw food again – for 3 weeks – making sure i take pressure off from my guts. Start to take again Saccharomyces Boulardii – one capsule every night. We will going to make my parasite life very hard. And here is the magic weapon coming: OREGANO. Yes. Yes. Oregano extract. This little plant has a huge antibacterial effect – using it for looooong time in history. I will going to take 3 times a day with food. Just to be sure we are pushing Bela hard enough to decide to leave or die. Whichever i dont mind.

luckily plenty of wild oregano growing around

footnote: when a parasite dies – will release all his weird chemical compounds – Sally said that i might gonna feel sick. Sick like having a cold or maybe just simply feel like trash. So its kindof bad thing but also would be great – this is a clear sign of getting rid of my bug.

After that i should feel much more better – quick and easy and can start to build up again my good bacterial flora which i just eliminated to starve my Bela. We see where we are gonna get there. I start this diet next week – getting ready to kill the m@ther f@cker. Hope this will be the last chapter of Blueberry’s Diary – and finally i can solve my ‘bloated belly issue’. Fingers cross. Keep you updated.

footnote: other than this parasite – all my results were spot on. My digestion system is working with perfection, no bleeding or leaky got or IBS or inflammation or any sort of problems been detected. I am as healthy as can be – very thankful for the (2 months) elimination diet i was doing before. Its just being great getting rid of rubbish food – not having sugar in my life anymore. This test outcome could not be better – it does show the problem and i will fight to get it right.

power of plants.

Open up your mouth…!

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