Story goes on from the point where i pressed the nut paste in molds (some small panna cotta and one big round wheel) then took them out and salted in the sides with seasalt to increase flavour and help against unwanted guests (bacterias, molds). From this point i left my bluenut in the fridge covered (not let it dry out) and keep turning from one side to the other every day once. Texture is not supersolid but not that difficult to handle. They sit in a sushi mat so air can reach all sides.

Keep flipping for a week.

Than keep flipping for another week.

I ve been informed (Full of Plants) that my blue mold should start to grow and be visable after a week. I was patient. Very. And keep flipping. Nothing coming. No molds around my block. After 2 weeks i suppose to crumble the nut blocks into smaller pieces and try to form the pieces back to the original shape. Just making sure not pressing too much so air can hide in the holes where the blue mold can grow.

BUT WHAT BLUE MOLD IM ASKING????? Nothing is blue around my vegan nut blocks – except my head LOL. I wasnt sure – was thinking maybe my fridge is too cold to grow mold, so day by day i take the cheeeeez out to sit on my window – the place is colder than room temperature (thanx to our shitty windows) but warmer than the fridge.

Anyway, i was a bit mad to my invisible roquefort so decided to give another shot – i sprinkle the stuff with some more ‘mold’ than take it into pieces and form the ‘cheeeeez’ again. This is where i am right now.

Started 16 days ago, bit more than 2 weeks. Roquefort should be ready in 5 weeks so i still have a hope that maybe i just got a ‘lazy one’ hahaha.

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