Luckily i could take a couple of days off from work. To chill, relax and celebrate with the people i love.

With my beautifully homemade elderflower champagne, more real champagne and cava. Lots of bubbles actually and lots of great ‘healthy’ cakes.

1st birtday ‘sourdough pancake’ with nettles, sage and strawberries

I have amazing friends who are very much with me in this ‘dieting’ times and supporting me trying to avoid refined sugar in almost every way.

They do support me to drink some in a form of refined expensive booze though. :)

I also took some great trips to the countryside where i could do big walks, big chats and foraging nature. Crazy COVID’ times – future plans are changing… but lets just stop in the present for a moment and being very greatful for everything i ve got. I AM VERY HAPPY.

2nd birthday cake – black olive almond cake with vodka macerated fresh strawberries and lemon zest

We always want more. More what we want – this is pushing us further and makes us becoming better and better in every way in life. But also good to stop sometimes and look around. Just to appreciate for a tiny second everything we already reached in life and we already have around us. Nomatter where we go – nomatter how many luggages you can take with you – these moments and feelings and people and memories will always stayin’ with you. Nomatter what.

HUGE THANX for all of you… standing by my side and appearing in the path of my life time to time.

My 3nd birthday cake – wholemeal chocolate sugarfree cake with amazing sweetpotato icing and fresh raspberries (LOVE ANGELIKE)

Got a real birthday cake. Won on table tennis, was enjoying (my) elderflower champagne with other delicious wines, and got a lovely tofu chocolate mousse as an extra treat (adult version with lots of gin innit). Had laughs and chat and fun and hugs and rain and colorful unicorn tattoos. :)

Open up your mouth…!

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