Yes. My bluenut project is still on. Actually its done. It reached the maximum result i assume. We are 5 weeks later now. And u all remember my last post about this Roquefort experiment – that i was pretty agonized cause my mold was not willing to appear on the surface of my almond wheels.

Well… it did finally. I have my mold and i am so proud of it. L.O.L. Sounds supercrazy but i am. How stange is that when u dont want – mold appears everywhere, in your strawberries or rye bread or the edge of your jam jar. BUT as soon as u want to have it – u need to put freakin lots of effort into it.

Ok. I dont want to talk too much about nothing so i just share my personal experience and opinion about it.

First of all – as i mentioned before – i was following another blogger, Full of Plants post in the proccess of creating a vegan roquefort ‘cheeez’. U can see there the whole thing from step by step – i dont want to waste time with that. But if i would ……. let me rephraise, when i will re make it and start all over again, one thing i will do differently. I wont add the mold in the mix (puree) of nuts. I will have my nut block and then sprinkle it with the roquefort mold outside. I lost 2 weeks because of this (maybe the quantity wasnt enough?) – and in this two weeks my almond block dried out too much so now the mold is not able to cover the whole thing (which i really wanted to). Im not questioning Full of Plants technique but the mold needs to be contact with air anyway – thats the reason why we need to tear the block into pieces and put it back together again so the mold will get inside still breathing. That is a great trick – was worked. But my mold was starting to grow after my ‘extra’ sprinkle in the 13th day. By that time unfortunately the blocks were a bit too dry and mold needs moist so i was trying to brush some water on the very dry edges from time to time. Also i had to play with the temperature – taking out and putting back to the fridge.

I was flipping every day – well now i think its a bit unnecessary. I think its enough to flip once in every 4-5 days. Why? Because when i left Brighton for 5 days last week (seeing friends in Manchester) and i left the blocks in the fridge in peace – the mold started to grow crazy fast – and mainly on the bottom of the blocks – in their bump to be fair. Im not suprised – doesnt like to be touched and bothered.

So thats it. Its too dry now outside, i dont belive the mold will grow anywhere else. But when i cut still surprisingly nice and moist inside – and the mold is beautifully created a net because of that step of breaking the block into pieces before.

Flavour? I guess this is what u really want to know. Well. When i will do it again – i will rub much more salt innit. The almond seems to take all and has nothing left. I guess i was also afraid a bit that maybe salt will kill the mold (just like yeast and salt are big enemies forever and ever). But if u think about a gorgeous stilton cheese – usually its freakin salty. So yes – i def serve my almond roquefort with big seasalt crystals. BUT my answer is yes. YES. It does taste like Roquefort. Well i mean it is Roquefort but not dairy cheese. So its an amazing experience to feel and taste and realize now the actual flavour what the mold gives to the cheese – same flavour is in my almond ‘cheeeez’ now. And what is also curious – that it has a slight coconut smell (we used coconut oil at the beggining) but in flavour there is nothing at all. Nothing coconutty. Pure blue roquefort mold.

For the first try i just had it with sourdough crackers, white port wine and some very aromatic grapes – so i can clearly see and taste what i made.

After this??? – start playing. Broccoli and almond roquefort pasta with preserved lemon (which has just the perfect amount of salt what i missed out from by block?) Sound like a f’ckin awward winning plan. Lets play something ‘out of BLUE’.


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