KANELSNEGLE. Cinnemon snails. Oh my oh my. Beauty. New favorite and also dangerous dangerous extra calories dancing in the air all around. But well. Its super lockdown still in CPH so not much fun we can do but… lets make a tiny competition between these awesome rolls to see whats the deal at the moment in the ‘cinnamon market’ LOL. Just like here.

Unfortunately i couldnt get neither Skt Peders Bageri or Det Rene Brod pastries because i found the bakeries closed on the day of the challenge. Also i missed the snail from Il Buco and Buka because they did run out from the rolls by the time i could get there. Anyway its fortunate in a way because we believe in this blog post so we ‘knew’ already that these bakeries are awesome. So i show you some more…

Prices are between 15 – 30 DKK – $-$$$.

MEYERS BAGERI 1. – more brioche like yeasty dough- special wednesday size (HUGE!!!), this is an elegant braided style with sexy shine and great color $$$


So the pastry was beautifully soft and layered nicely with cinnamon – golden color, not dry, not too sweet – good no icing on it. Babka style dough – not heavy or greasy.

MEYERS BAGERI 2. – POPULAR CHOC filling – the dough is ‘roughly’ layered with butter – size looks ok at first, very tall $$$

Its a flaky dough, layeres not very visible. Despite the huge block of chocolate sitting in the middle (made sense to warm up a bit) the pastry still fairly dry. Hm very dry and crumbly actually. Fact is too much of that chocolate but not enough cinnamon at all.


BROD – very flaky laminated dough, size small $


Size already looking tiny. I see the laminated butter-layeres but not much color nor shine. Very flaky and too dry snail. Does not help the fact that missing a good amount of cinnamon even if there is a superthick oversweet icing ring in the middle.

NATURAL BAGERIET – flat snail very big and spreaded out, beautifully laminated vien pastry $

No height but weight :). Real swirl. Maybe a touch too greasy – well you see the real good layered vien dough so no surprise. Not too sweet and finally enough cinnamon thanks God!!. Icing is rolling around which is good to spread the sweetness around.


LAGKAGEHUSET 1. – size looks a bit tiny, ‘roughly’ laminated pastry $$$

Less visible layeres but definitely flaky buttery dough. Size look small to medium. Cinnamon flavour is great – but not all around the pastry unfortunately – there is a lovely layer of creme pat sitting on the bottom (i wish to make it cinnamon creme pat for a deeper flavour). Icing is spreaded with perfection.


LAGKAGEHUSET 2. – real PORN CHOC snail – big in size, surprise layer of shortbread underneath $$$

This one. Well… i didnt even wanted to add to my list but… i could not ignore. Its more a ‘new style’ chocolate snail – however its meant to have some cinnamon in the filling also. I should not make this one race with the ‘others’ would not be fair – this is pure pure chocolate porn. The real surprise is on the bottom – its sitting on a nice layer of shortbread circle (dont understand why but its actually weirdly nice changes of textures). I had this for lunch – was pretty heavy and heavenly delicious.

(cant point it was pretty good)

H.U.G. – size seems small at first but the dough is heavy – texture more like a canale batter instead of laminated vien or brioche dough $$

This one would win straight away in the ‘strangest’ category. It has the strangest spongy like texture – no sugar in the dough or filling whatsoever but sweetened with date puree and worked together with the cinnamon very well. That thin icing on top absolutely needed for that tiny touch of sweetness and the almonds giving a great crunch to it.


REINH VAN HAUREN – size looking perfect, not much layeres but more a babka style pastry $$

Another snail with enough cinnamon flavour. The pastry feels almost creamy, spongy texture not laminated with butter. Soft instead of flakes. Sweet enough – maybe even without that wave of icing.


LAURAS – size looks ok but not much going on inside – beautifully round shape, layered pastry $$$

I was waiting for long time to get this one. Lauras has got like 20 different flavored snails from peppermint to caramel and berries etc etc. I tried the original one. This has got the most perfect round shape from all – the pastry laminated with perfection, very light. Cinnamon is enough just like the sweetness (no extra icing luckily) – unfortunately a bit raw in the very middle.


SUPERMARKET – size good medium, pastry very very flaky and visible layeres all over. $

First thing you see is the massive spoonful of icing in the middle. Not very nice. Missing some cinnamon flavour – superflaky buttery pastry – unfortunately turning out very freakin dry.


EMMERYS 1. – size looking medium at first but no airs in the roll so its more in the ‘bigger than not’ category , elegant braided shape, babka like texture not croissant $$$

Yes. Another softy one – enriched dough with butter and egg – no layeres, Very very nicely rich in cinnamon flavor, not too sweet. No need silly icing. This was… my very favorite to be fair.


EMMERYS 2. – size medium to small, very beautifully laminated vien pastry, flaky and some hidden chocolate pond in the middle $$$

Despite the croissant texture the roll is not dry at all – great baking with beautiful color and very visible butter layeres – open up nicely. Touch raw in the very middle but i kindof even like that! If i have to find something… i would say it could take a tiny bit more cinnamon. But otherwise… – the crumble on top gives an extra texture which suits very well. :)


ANDERSEN – perfect medium size, cacao icing on top with shine, dough is ‘roughly’ laminated $$

The queue was a whole street long to this bakery. First thing you see is the dark icing with a very very shiny pastry surface. Flaky buttery texture – bit oversweet for me. I could ignore that but i cant miss the fact that its totally raw in the middle. Shame. I was waiting 10 mintutes in the cold for this. LOL.



At the end of the story took me 6 hours to walk criss cross over the city to get as many Kanelsnegle as i could. And was trying them one after the other washing down with a huge mug of coffee… OBVIOUSLY was impossible to finish every ‘piece of pie‘ so i had a great idea.

We were planning an intern dinner party at the apartment house and i took the responsibility over the dessert (after the well planned risotto) and did turn the leftover cinnamon rolls into a block of supertasty ‘bread and butter‘ pudding…. caramelized in butter n muscovado, served with blueberry yoghurt and zinfandel wild sorrel.

Fingerlicking finish of the night. xxx

footnote: very special thanx to MGiovanna, Daniele, Matthieu, bit of Lucas and tiny bit of Gregory. :)

One response to “Challenge of the ‘snails’”

  1. William Avatar

    Well that looked like fun – and what an epic desert!

    I may be biased, though, but I prefer kanelboller as I just love the combo of cardamom with the cinnamon.

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