Time to start a new series in my blog… AS TOMORROW IS THE DAY WHEN I OFFICIALLY START MY INTERSNSHIP AT NOMA IN COPENHAGEN. Yes. NOMAtter how freakin difficult was to get here – i did it and its really happening now.

Let me jump back a bit on time – to last year when all this idea was born. I ll cut it short.

love CPH

So i was wandering what i should do next after leaving the bakery – and a nice restaurant came across my eyes – 108 in Copenhagen. I think i was even have endless conversation with foodie friends about how great is that restaurant (and cherry on top that is the baby-sister restaurant of the big NOMA). I ve decided i will get in contact and trying to see if there is any job going on. It was #beforeCOVID times. Looking back it seems and feels impossible now. Anyway they were very nice telling me there is no available position going on right now but adviced me to participate in their 3 months internship program so more likely after i can ‘look into’ any position… HURRAY’ i said, filled out all the paperwork and i ve got a very official invitation from 108 to be an intern from last year August. Very excited times – i kindof gave my notice to the bakery starting to plan my moving from Brighton to CPH. Then it happened. COVID happened and i was hoping during all summer that it will be gone by the time i should leave… BUT IT DIDNT HAPPEN!!!! MOREOVER!!!!!

view from my room

footnote – what really happened: i had to decide if i take the risk and leave Brighton to come to CPH and ‘see what will happen’ (at that time 108 did not communicate with me at all) or stay in my ass playing a ‘bit safe’ and trying to postpone my internship from August to next January. It was tough as i was waiting this journey like people praying and waiting rain in Sahara… but with all my clear head and heavy heart i ve decided not to risk ‘now’ and try to ‘come in January’. I made this decision lets say in a Monday…. and i ve seen this news on Instagram on Wednesday…:

“Because of the second wave the 108 restaurant had to close down for good.” This was karma….

I felt pretty lucky and also ‘WTF im gonna do now? I NEED A NEW PLAN! was twisting thoughts in my head and turning ideas up side down… when i had this weird and brave idea… LETS TRY NOMA! I mean… in that stupid covid time when i lost a great possibility at 108 (sister restaurant) i literally didnt have anything else to lose. NOTHING. SO WHY THE F@CK NOT?

discovering the place…

I did it. I send my email with all the documentations mentioning also the ‘unfortunate death’ of 108… and … so… in 3 days I VE GOT BACK MY INVITATION LETTER!!!!!! :) HURRRRRRAY!

(let me mention it wasnt easy to get all the other papers done with the 72 hours PCR test to be able to take my flights thru Amsterdam, also my original flights got cancelled one by one (by British Airways) so i choosed KLM (with transit flights as were no direct) – at that time i didnt trust any small airline companies… travelling in COVIDtimes -not impossible but -sucks ) LOL

Currently NOMA is the ‘second best’ restaurant in the world (after Mirazur) however in my eyes is the forever top1. Its really me. The simplicity, fermentations n preservation techniques are mind blowing. I cant wait to suck all the knowledge up they are willing to share.

I picked the seafood season from January till April. Unfortunately the lockdown here in Denmark got extended till the 17th but we still running as planned – starting on the 4th of January. TOMORROW.

left home 7:30 am on the 31st of December and arrived to CPH at 23:00 pm to my apartment house – celebrating this with bubbles at new years eve with myself

I was not excited this much when i was about to lose my virginity (centuries ago hahahaha). Its gonna be a great fun and priceless experience. JOIN ME IN THIS JOURNEY if you interested in rottening fish heads in a very professional perfection. :)

2 responses to “NOMAtter 01.”

  1. Alex Avatar

    Wow this is massive!! So made up for you, wish I had done similar a few years ago.

    Good luck and knock them off there feet Chef

  2. William Avatar

    That’s very exciting, congratulations and enjoy every moment!

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