Im doing my elimination diet pretty hard, almost half way now. Being very creative i have to say – proud of myself. But to be fair…. if i would not be a chef…. if i would not live aloneif i would not have these hours in the morning before go to work… and if i would not love cooking soooo much. I think ‘i will rather die’ than doing this diet. Of course not – but this is f’cking tough. Cooking every day and planning every day for the next day. Well i know its my bullshit that i dont like to eat the same thing twice in a very short period of time (on the day and the following day) also i dont have a huge freezer – plus hate frozen food. So by the time (last 10 years) i learned pretty well the lesson how to cook for one, only one portion. BUT OF COURSE THERE ARE THINGS that can not be made only for one meal. Like pasta, curry or gnocchi.

GNOCCHI. I stop moaning and let me share you my new invention – glutenfree gnocchi using masa harina – the corn flour what u must know from eating tacos. Very easy recipe. I had a great original recipe from an italian friend and i just modified a tiny bit.

  • 300g peeled potatoes (use old, dry ones)
  • 100g masa harina (i was using blue corn flour, looking very cool)
  • 1 egg
  • salt

U must know the rest. Just cook the potatoes, mash them, mix it well with the corn flour, add the egg, keep mixing, season with salt. I let it rest after to cool down in the fridge like and hour (possible half hour enough) meanwhile i was pampering myself in a bath LOL.

Should be a dry ‘looking’ dough, not sticky at all.

I work with my hands to flatten it out (didnt need rolling pin, u might crack with it) – using some rice flour underneath (would use semolina normally but i have to keep it GF) to prevent sticking to the board. But its not sticky at all. Anyway. The rest is like with normal gnocchis. Cut long snakes, roll them round and cut them into smaller piece. Whatever size u want. After i use a ‘special gnocchi roller’, its a tiny piece if wood which gives good curl and pattern to your dough. U dont have to have this one. U can just shape with your fingers however u like.

footnote: traditionally u roll each gnocchi with one finger – making sure u create a small bed by pressing your fingertip inside of your dough at the end (back part of your dumpling), so that little bed will capture all of your sauce you will serve your gnocchis with

After i cook them a bit different – no boiling in water but ‘panfry and steam’ how i would do with gyozas. Get your pan hot, bit of oil or butter, chuck your gnocchis in bottom side down, let this side get some color then turn them and pour a bit of water in the pan and cover quickly with a lid. Leave the water to evaporate, it should not take more then 3 minutes… by this time your gnocchis will be ready. I let all the water disappear – leave till the top side get some more golden color and done.

Of course i could not make only 1 portion. So i have it twice. Didnt mind at all at the end. First i prepared with a strong tomato sauce, smoked vegan cheese and 3cornered leek i just picked from the garden.

After i prepared with my freshly foraged sea vegetables, sea beet and rock samphire. Flavoured with my foraged peppery mustard and nettle pesto. Nom nom. No complains.

Go for it and play.

Open up your mouth…!

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