U must thinking a lot by now…. SO WHAT THE F’CK IM EATING THEN???

With no gluten, no sugar, no dairy, nothing raw – and on the top of it – i dont eat meat (wasnt eating too much fish neither – but for this diet i got back to it).

Here is my first week food plan (not detailed, i usually just decide what im gonna have then the dish will come together. (i started only on tuesday and i wasnt really prepared…)


Tuesday: GF oats with chia, coconut flakes, berries, cinnamon – soy coffee

Wednesday: GF porridge, coconut flakes, grated apple, cinnamon – soy coffee

Thursday: GF oats with chia, coconut flakes, raspberries, pumpkin seeds – soy coffee

Friday: Greated pear with millet porridge, hemp milk – soy coffee

Saturday: Millet with raspberries, coconut flakes, hemp milk, chia – soy coffee

Sunday: GF porridge with pumpkin seed flour, grated apple, cinnamon, linseed – coconut coffee


Tuesday: mallow&spinach&courgette creamsoup with fennel n buckwheat salad, tahini – soycoffee

Wednesday: brown rice with foraged pesto n tofu n fermented mustard leaves – soycoffee

Thursday: banana not too ripe with soycoffee

Friday: rice crackers with fermented pumpkin seed n garlic mustard spread – blackcoffee

Saturday: rice crackers and apple

Sunday: coconut curry with carrot n tempeh n steamed mustard leaves – coconutcoffee


Tuesday: buckwheat salad with somked tofu n stir fry veg

Wednesday: rice crackers, tahini

Thursday: misomillet porridge with smoked cod, foraged seakale and scurvygrass, coconut water

Friday: Nettle and garlic mustard soup with millet, eggs and seeds, rice crackers

Saturday: Nettle and garlic mustard millet cream with tempeh and anchovies

Sunday: rice crackers with coconut and carrot cream with wilted nettles and vegan cheese

U see – most of the times i was having pretty similar food for dinner than i had for lunch – so i just cooked enough in the morning that will be enough for all day (and cause i have my ‘dinner’ around midnight im fancy only a couple of easy bites) . Also u see lots of ‘weird stuff’ its because i love foraging and i wont give up. Foraged plants are superhealthy (nettles, mallow etc) and packed with minerals and vitamins. Also if u have problems with having not enough digestive acid in your stomach u suppose to eat more ‘bitter greans’ like dandelion, wild rocket, mustard, bittercress…

And how do i feel? keep continue….

One response to “Blueberry’s diary -4-”

  1. John-Mark Avatar

    Amazonian shamen will follow super strict diets for very long periods and spend much time in nature. Ayahuasca and the like will then guide them to which other plants in the jungle will heal people’s different ailments :)

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