And u have all the right to ask the question… how do i feel? All of this elimination diet seems like a huge painin the @ss…. does it worth it? …

And my answer would be.


No doubt. First of all – i think its good to do ‘fastings’ time to time. I believe its good for the body to leave something behind for a while what s strongly appearing in your everyday life. Like coffee, wine or meat. Giving a little break is always good and make u feel better after. Its never easy – but we must be stronger than our ‘addictions’ and the temptation. Great challenge heh.

Secondly… YES. I feel much more better. I feel million times better. Let me see….

No rush – but i felt the difference already in my first week. I stop farting. Absolutely. The truth is im trying to avoid typical food what causes ‘fart gases’ like cauliflower or beans – but before i had some days when i felt im ‘walking in the clouds’ – if u know what i mean LOL. Its very very uncomfortable – especially when u are working with many more people around you. Its impossible to take a break in every 2nd minute to run outside the buliding for a ‘quick fart’. And its coming with massive bloated belly and painful gut movements sometimes. MEH. If u had this before u know what im talking about – if u never experienced this hope u wont ever. So these farting episodes of my life ended. Absolutely. In the middle of my first diet-week. Whatta relief.

Lets see… the heavy belly feeling after eating and trying to digest. Before i had this all the time. Sometimes was coming with pain. Didnt matter what i ate – i just felt soo heavy and tired – felt like all my energy was pointing down to my digestion system and trying to sort out the ‘mess’ i made. Well – this feeling is mainly gone. Most of the time i feel absolutely fine after having a meal. Im not claiming for 100% of the times – but i started to listen my body and note down the food i ate when this heaviness still appears. Interesting.

YOU HAVE TO START TO LISTEN YOUR BODY. Dont ignore it and move forward hoping that it will be gone. Yes the feeling will disappear but might coming back. I was ignoring for soooo long time that i ended up here with a tough n rough elimination diet. Listen to your body if something feels fine or the opposite. If u have a bowl of onion soup and dipping some beautiful sourdough bread innit – but u feel bad after finishing… try next time only onions (soup) or only bread separately – and u will see which one u tolerate less. Its actually very easy – just need a bit of focus and time in this fast life when we seem to be running, running late and running out of time.

Bloating. Better. OMG. Soooo much better. I cant even tell you. The feeling that my belly wants to crack in the middle, the pressure inside wants to explode, the heavy feeling and the vision of me carrying a 5 months old baby for the last 18 months…. was unbearable. This all almost gone. I have no pressure, no explosion…. still got a bit of bloated lower belly, but some times seems to disappear fully. I started to see my abdominal muscles – before i was working very hard on them hoping that the bloating will disappear (having stronger abs). Now i started to see them again. Cant describe the feeling. No words.

I also had a weird looking eczema appearing recently in my arms – i was assuming i have some sort of allergy to a flour or a new cleaning product. I had this unnoying cycle – my skin calmed down during my 2 days off (using tonns of different expensive creams) – then was slowly coming back and became supervivid and ichy red by the time i reached my days off again. My nutritionist mentioned this also in a conection to my ‘leaky gut’. And voila. My eczema seems to calm down and ‘disappearing’… ?

Placebo? Maybe. But who cares if its working.


Open up your mouth…!

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