Just posted a new video into my YouTube channel – this is the second part of the Rice’otto you ve seen before. This is the dish where i used up the starchy juice of my risotto base i cooked before.

Very fast and simpe and super vegan.*

*it doesnt have to be – as a proper risotto contains with tonns of butter and cheese – i used margarin because thats what i had at home. So this dish officially animal friendly.

Instructions are quite straight forward – toast the sunflower seeds till golden and save some for later for crunch. The rest u start to cook with the starchy juice.

Main seasoning is my fermented foraged jerk onion mix(reason i didnt cooked onion with the risotto rice at the first chapter) – containing 3cornered leek from my garden and sea leek from the beach. Fermented them using sourdough starter and jerk spice. Been sitting for at least a month so i was freakin’ excited to try finally. Over all my expectations.

footnote – onions are smelly in general – now when u ferment them they become 10times more powerful than before. I suggest u to open the window. LOL.

So IF U DONT HAVE MONTH OLD JERK FERMENTED WILD ONIONS IN A JAR :) – just use some nice shallots n spring onions instead. But i promise there is a video coming up to show u how i make my weird ferments so after u need nothing else but patience. Pinky promise.

Too much talk already and little cooking. hahaha So u panfry the onions – will smell but beautifully – than add the seeds and starchy juice and u probably need some extra water. Now u just stirring and cook it till the texture is right for u. Can be same timing like in the previous video – 5-7 or 10 minutes. It will become soft but still firm with a bite. Very pleasant. Make sure u have the right amount of creamy juice around (if too dry just add more water or stock – if too wet just cook a bit longer). Done.

For garnish i choose freshly picked chickweed. U can find it everywhere, growing all year around even in the colder months. Leaves are tender to eat so its perfect for salads or pesto – and very pretty especially with its little white flowers.*

*footnote – bit more than pretty – contains lots of minerals and a rich source of calcium, chlorophyll, carotenes then Vitamin C, folic acid, protein n lots of essential fatty acids. With one word – its very good for u.

Finishing touch is nothing else but some great 3 cornered leek flowers – they taste like mild garlic. 3 cornered leek also grows everywhere (containing chlorophyll, fibre, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals) – it looks like a very tall grass – i would never guess how amazing it taste if i just see it somewhere – it tastes something like the top green part of a spring onion. Luckily i just walk out from my house and the left side of the garden is covered with it.

Pretty straight forward – no atom physics needed as i said before. Hope u enjoying it. Have fun!

szoty’otto – coming from a hungarian roots – szotyi is a nickname for sunflower seeds in hungarian

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