I just posted a utube video recently about a basic technique of cooking risotto. I am actually very happy because i got some questions and feedback. I owe u some explanations. JUST VERY QUICKLY.

This is not a traditional and proper way how classic risotto looks like – but the basic way to show you the proccess what we want to achive and while this dish is more than just a bowl of rice.

My point here is to slowly cook the starch out from the ground shaped rice while its starch will thicken the ‘sauce’ around it. Thats it. How simple is that. U can check precious videos i made – using the same technique with pasta. *

So just make it clear very quickly. The classic risotto starts with vegetables – usually chopped red onions, chopped celery and some choppchopp garlic. Panfry these in oil, than before they burn u add the rice (how i add in my video) and fry the rice a bit (just like in my video). Then u pour your wine or vermouth or sherry innit – let it evaporate while u stirring. Than starting to add your liquid* little by little – keep stirring it.

*i beleive in no rules – or at least not too serious rules to follow here. Yes maybe a superclassic italian cookbook says u have to use beef stock to cook your risotto with. Or vegetable stock. Or any stock. U can. Certanly u can. But also u can cook in water – just like i did. U can have any sort of juice going on u can add (just like i used up my seafood juice for my seafood risotto).

Here i used water because this was just a preparation for a main dish – coming up – so i needed only the thick starchy juice at the end. This is the reason i cook the stuff more than 10 minutes and also a reason why i strained it. U dont do things like this if u are cooking a proper risotto. (also if u realized i added some MSG to my risotto so i added umami which is a bit of a cheating but the result tastes like a well balanced vegetable soup)

So the proper risotto — u cook on high heat for 9-10 minutes (depending how al dente u like – but dont forget that it keeps cooking for a couple more minutes after u turn off the gas) then finish it off usually with tonns of butter and cheese and let it rest for a couple of minutes. Let it sit in its own juice soaking up all the flavours. Real real foodporn.

I was trying to point out the timings if u want to add things to your risotto – so everything can be ready in the same time in the same pan. Obviously its nicer to cook things innit – so their 100% flavour is going to stay in your pan – like if u add chicken or cauliflower. However if u are not sure about whether its gonna be overcooked or still raw – dont be afraid of cheating and cook your other ingredients separately with perfection and add later to your base. Its still better then turn vibrant broccoli into a brown pile of ‘musshit’ only cause u added too early. (like when i make mushroom risotto for example – i sautee my mushrooms first in a pan to nice golden – then using the same pan to start to cook my onions innit – all the great flavours stuck on the bottom of the pan what i will still enjoy by cooking the risotto there – just dont wash the pan inbetween!)

So i say again – on the video i only show u the technique u should follow to understand the difference between rice and risotto. And to see how i prepared the cooking juice for my seed risotto dish what will come up soon. The real deal.

thanx for watching guys. More feedback please.

p.s.> considering this ‘apocalyptic zombieland’ situation worldwide cause of this Corona Virus thing – i decided to focus on being more creative than ever and will show u some great tricks how to make awesome cheap food when u find your supermarket empty. keep up keep cooking and dont eat your toilet rolls :P

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