Well well well… lets start everything again. Just taking a deep breath. Me – emotionally a bit down – i can say im balancing on the edge (of an emotional breakdown) -. This thing with my belly just annoyingly stops me from doing the things i really love in life- eating, creating and cooking. I had to stop my cook book project because i had to put myself on this diet again. And i can not cheat. Its deadly serious. I have to cure myself.

I have no energy – i feel i dont absorb enough nutritions from my food. This is the main reason (i think) i dont have my menstrual period. My body is trying to save energy for the survival functions – and reproduction is not one of them right now. I have to change this. Oh gosh its just so slow and i feel im blind and cant see the things whats in front of my eyes.

I started this LOWFODMAP diet a week ago. Well i thought i did – but i ‘was cheating’ on it without being aware of. I was focusing so much of the fruits and vegetables – that i forgot to check the ‘mix’ group of food – on the ‘avoiding’ list. Like cocoa powder. I made a delicious healthy brownie – but there is no way to skip cocoa. U can skip flour, butter, even chocolate – but no cocoa. Otherwise u turn your sweetblock into a blondie. And its not a brownie anymore meeeeeeh. Plus dont forget how healthy is the cocoa in general.

still a freakin’ healthy brownie

footnote: you can avoid using cocoa powder – by using chocolate instead. But be aware that chocolate contains cocoa powder already – so it ‘fails’ on the lowfodmap diet test.

This was one failure of my diet – second was the molasses. I love to dress my salad with this gooey sour syrup. Bad. Baaaaad for my diet.

Third mistake? It wasnt really a ‘mistake’ because i was aware of… chicory. Its a bit of a longer story – basically in my brain im still trying to find out the main reason for my digestion issues… and i just had an idea – what if i became intolerant to coffee? I read about it, its absolutely realistic – and it suits to my ‘elimination diet’ symptoms. I got better when i started the diet (leaving dairy and gluten and sugar behind) and also important i reduced my coffee intake from 4 to 2 cups a day. Working during the nights – it was tough but i had to.


So Chicory. Today is the 3rd day without drinking coffee (not even decaf). I swapped it to Chicory Coffee – which i know its not allowed in my diet but its difficult enough not to drink coffee – i must keep something to reminds me to it. I also have crazy headaches since – its weird because im not the ‘headache type’ of girl, if you know what i mean. Its killer.

How do i feel?

So doing the LOW FODMAP diet for the last week… i m not being impatient but i dont feel really any changes. I think i should feel something, some sort of changes already. But nothing happened.


I gave a try. I never had any experience with kinesiology in my life – but my workmate Lara suggested me this because her family had some great results. I had no idea what was going to happen. And its very difficult to explain. Basically i met Donna, a nutritionist who was reading my body energy during the test while she was placing food on my skin. Yes i know – how does this sound. But i was there… and its a situation when… you can not fully doubt whats happening but also you just dont understand. So if i want to believe it – i easily can – but also i can just be very skeptic about it and saying it was all bullsh*t. I guess it depends on how much you want to find the root of your problem. So i do take her words into consideration. And the results were a bit surprising, apparently i m intolerant to:

ALL DAIRY PRODUCTS, PEAR, CARROT, LENTIL, MSG and other food additives.

So if i think back – it could make sense – when i started my elimination diet i did get rid of all the dairy products – and i got better. When i was trying to re-enter them into my diet the symptoms were not fully ‘readable’ and clear all the time. It was always a big question mark. And now i was eating cheese – because the LOW FODMAP diet allows my favorite aged cheeses. And my symptoms were not changing, i didnt feel getting any better during the last week.

footnote: i just had a feeling ‘in my gut’ hahahaha that my problem should not come from gluten – im not eating gluten in the last 4-5weeks or more and i still feel sh*t. However it still can be something around it, but i dont think it causes any major issues.


Apart from me being supertired of all this … i will keep carry on with my low fodmap diet for a month (another 3 weeks). Allow myself cocoa sometimes and chicory as a coffee substitute – only because my plan is to stay away from coffee for a whole week. Its freakin tough but i want to do it to see how it effects my body. And i only have to do it only once – right? :)

So low fodmap diet – minus all dairy elements minus carrot and MSG. So i install the kinesiology test results into my life. And fingers cross.

footnote: my ‘female organs check up’ will happen in 2 weeks time – hope i can make sure that i have no potential issues down there with my reproduction functions.


One response to “Blueberries Diary 03/01.”

  1. marti Avatar

    when i stopped drinking coffee i had withdrawal symptoms for about 2 months time. Symptoms included headache and tiredness (how surprising…) but also i had a sense of having a plastic bag on my head which altered the way i saw, heard, smelled and sensed the world around me. I only realized how much coffee/caffeine influenced my life after I actually quit. I also tried chicory/grain drinks with very little result, it was basically bullsh.t to me. Coffee was the hardest thing in my life to leave behind.
    You’ll do it easily, because you are a very strong person! Love xxx

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