Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Forever and ever and ever my biggest love will be brownie. The brownie. The forever brownie till i die. And i already have the very best recipe for it. No need any modifications – just perfect timing and great ingredients.

However… im on a LowFODMAP diet now because my digestion is not working how it should – causing hard times to work on my book and in general. Difficult time to enjoy life as it is and being a passionate chef its vital. Enjoy food is all i have. So i have to fix it. Nomatter the cost.


FODMAP stands for fermentable oligo-, di-, mono-saccharides and polyols.

These are the scientific terms used to classify groups of carbs that are notorious for triggering digestive symptoms like bloating, gas and stomach pain. So basically its all about sugars. Sugars in everything. You ending up having a massive list what ‘not to eat’ and a same one with ‘go ahead’ label.

So i made a new brownie. I had to. Not really for me – but for everyone around with the same issues. Because nobody should live without it.

THIS RECIPE IS NOT FULLY FODMAP-ALLOWED. Unfortunately there is no way to avoid cocoa powder in a brownie. This is what it makes brownie a brownie. If you avoid – u get blondie – also delicious but not the same.

pretty fudgy

footnote: not every brownie recipe requires cocoa powder but chocolate. One or the other (chocolate is made from cocoa powder).

My first step was to grab my old brownie recipe and see what changes should i make to be acceptable for my diet. Well first – get rid of the gluten. No need wheat flour in there – i turned to brown teff (lovely hazelnutty flavour) and glutinous rice flour (loved to work with it in my mochi recipe).

After … replace the (tonns of) dairy butter goes into a block of brownie. I had to think about getting the right texture and keep the ‘fudgyness’ somehow what the raw butter gives to a slightly underbaked piece. Difficult… so i balanced out the cacao butter, coconut oil and olive oil at the end. Sounds a lot but each of the ingredients are taking responsability for the final texture.

Something to do with… sugar. SUGAR. I am working very hard on to eliminate refined sugar as much as possible from my life. Sometimes you can – and sometimes you can not. But luckily there are always some ‘healthier’ alternatives to choose from. So i went for coconut sugar and some maple syrup.

So… i cant avoid cacao here – i can not call this officially a lowFODMAP brownie. But if you see the other side of the story – why would you wanna take out the cocoa powder if its one of the healthiest ingredient you can use? Check for yourself the reason we should LOVE cacao.

I possibly could have worked on the recipe for another week to substitute the eggs to something else to make this ‘cake’ fully vegan – but i just didnt want to. I love eggs. Chickens lay eggs. Nomatter what. If they dont do it – they are not healthy. Eating egg is very much sustainable if your chicken is having a good life. So i dont feel guilty eating an egg from a ‘happy chick’ but i do when i carve for some avocado. Choices of life.

Im talking toooo much. Here is my recipe. (6 big or 8 small portions :)

  • 60g brown teff flour
  • 40g glutinous rice flour
  • 100g cocoa powder (good quality!)
  • 10g psyllium husk (amazing fibre cleaning you from inside)
  • 150g cacao butter
  • 50g raw coconut oil
  • 200g dark chocolate (60-70%)
  • 80g olive oil (good quality!)
  • 80g maple syrup
  • 4 eggs
  • 100g coconut sugar
  • 20g linseed
  • 20g chia seeds
  • 160g water
  • seasalt, nibs

The day before you want to bake it – soak your linseed n chia in the water and leave it overnight. This will help big time to keep your brownie moist (and also superhealthy and good for the gut).

love huge salt crystals

Next day start to whip your eggs with the coconut sugar till fluffy. Meantime melt the cacao butter with the coconut oil then melt in the dark chocolate (dont try to melt them together as a cacao butter has a higher melting point and the chocolate will probably burn). Measure the dry ingredients in a bowl and the maple with the oil in another one. We could have add the olive oil and maple to the cacao butter melts but i try to save as much beneficial nutritions as possible so i dont want to heat up too much the good stuff.

Turn on your oven to 165 degrees and get a small tray covered with baking paper. Dont forget this: as thin your brownie layer is the easier to dry it out. So i would try to get a tray in a size of an average cook book. But you will be much more clever after your first attempt – you will see how you need to play with the parchment paper to make your tray smaller if needed.

Back to the mix – your eggs are whipped and fluffy, turn the speed slower and add your soaked chia n flex, let it run for a minute than add your melted fats with the chocolate and the maple with olive oil. Run for a bit again than turn it even slower and add the dry ingredients. Make sure the batter is mixed evenly.

Pour your chocolate-heaven into your tray, sprinkle with seasalt and nibs for crunch and bake it for about 18 minutes (i raise the temperature to 190 in the last 5 minutes to get rustic cracked surface). I like it a bit raw in the middle – so better less than more – chill down as quick as possible. Make sure you lick out all the leftover from the mixing bowl – one thing i love more than brownie – and its the raw brownie batter. I cant help myself.

Cut. And enjoy this pure glutenfree dairyfree deliciousness with its healthy greatness.

Open up your mouth…!

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