One of my great pudding i put together. Pudding? Well… people would doubt it at first… but it definetely not a savoury stuff. Let me introduce you my


Its a recipe from my upcoming foraging cookbook – so check it out and see how u feel about it.

Let me first intoduce you the main ingredients…

Chicory Root – Coffeeweed

Another great plant – I love to harvest it mostly for its root. A perfect coffee substitute without the caffeine. It also has lots of inulin – which is a type of fibre that the body doesn’t digest. It acts as a prebiotic by feeding the beneficial bacteria in your gut. Playing a role in reducing inflammation, fighting harmful bacteria, and improving mineral absorption. Possibly helping your bowel movements and digestion, controlling blood sugar levels and can support weight loss. Plus it’s freakin’ delicious if you know what to do with it. I collect the roots, and after a good washing and scrubbing, cut them into smaller pieces and these can go to the oven to roast and dehydrate. Grind/blend it after and use as a coffee. Thanks nature.

This recipe? As crazy as amazing. But you have to ‘open your mind’. Only because I put garlic and pudding in the very same sentence. Black garlic ice cream with chicory crumble. Before you skIp this part for being weird, let me tell you a bit about black garlic first. Black garlic is actually sweet – it happens when aging and caramelizing garlic at a very low temperature for a very long time (using Maillard reaction). Garlic itself has been used for its medicinal properties mainly due to the presence of Allicin, which is responsible for its germ killing ability. Garlic is also packed with other nutrients like Vitamin B1, B2, B3, B6, folate, magnesium, phosphorus, sodium, zinc, iron, manganese and calcium. It has great anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and an immunity boosting anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory ingredient loaded with phytonutrients and other disease-fighting components. Black garlic has double the nutrients, which happens after the fermentation process. So if I twist the story in the right way – this dessert is superfood for you. You have to give it a try.

Im always very keen on the presentation. So i made my beautiful giant garlic head silicon mold. Using MANITOL modified sugar a build up a sugardome what looks like a lovely garlic.

I have to warn you using Manitol – as its melting point its very very high (around 200 degrees) and its crazy easy to burn yourself with. Its supervalue for me that it solidifies in seconds. You can dip things in like small fruits or nuts very quick and as u take them out they already have a nice white thin layer of crunchy sugar. Awesome to play with – but with lots n lots of attention.

So i filled my sugardome with the creamy heavenly black garlic icecream – which carries umami features hidden at the back of your tounge just after tasting it… nothing undesirable but interesting. The manitol is snow white naturally – so to make it look a bit dirty i brushed it with my charcoal oil and covered it with dried-roasted chicory powder – the same thing i used to make the crumb underneath. Great great flavours together.

Crumb is vegan – using rice flour, coconut sugar and cacao butter with a nice pinch of seasalt and a hint of the chicory root ‘coffee’ what makes it black really.

The manitol gives a perfect crunchy texture, the icecream brings creamyness and a smokey hint dancing at the background with a touch of bitterness.

Well. I think its pretty much a ‘never forget’ dessert to try. Just open your mind.

Open up your mouth…!

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