Hello Everyone.

So my second video is done. The topic is shellfish – i have some friends who has absolut no idea what to do with them. At all. So i speak (not really cause have no microphone yet) and show u how to make those little weird things edible and actually nice!

Shellfish has two sides.

On one side its freakin healthy. These little creatures are low on calories, high in protein and packed with omega 3. Keeps your heart and brain healthy and the high zinc metabolizes nutrients and maintain your immune system. So not just delicious but u almost can ‘eat as much as u want’.

On the other side its dangerous. Dangerous if u dont know how to prepair – u can get seriously sick. Need to be cooked while its still alive. U check at the beginning and discard the broken ones and the ones are open and dont close even if u pressing the shells together. And u cook for just enough time to let shells open*. Then u check them again and discard all of them which stayed close – they were dead possibly at the beggining. All the rest is fine and safe to eat. Not atom physics.

*Good and fresh shellfish opens in 3-5 minutes. I would say 5 is the top top max cooking time. If u cook them longer u will cook out more water from the clams-mussles and turn their texture from soft and spongy to hard and chewy. But its still ok to eat them – its a great learning process and better to cook longer if u are afraid of raw seafood. (also possibly all of u had that one experience during lifetime trying some horribly chewy mussels in a restaurant – apologies for that. And please give another try – it does not has to be f*cked up)

Also there is a myths of ‘R’ rule – i had no time to talk in the video. So the ‘R’ rule says to eat shellfish (safely) only in the months with the letter ‘R’ innit – from September till March. For 2 reasons. First reason is the spawning time during summer months – while their taste change (many people find off-putting) – and also a rest is needed to let the shellfish repopulate. Second reason is the Red Tide which occurs during summer months. This refers to a high concentrations of an algae that is toxic to humans – shellfish absorving this toxic and we eating the shellfish can get pretty f*ckin ill. Known as paralytic shellfish poisoning. Very bad. BUT the red tide levels are monitored very well these days – shellfish harvesting is banned during the ‘dangerous times’ – its very very unlikely that any shellfish can reach the market with harmful level of toxins. So good to know about this and take into consideration but its not really affecting your ‘dining habits’. Also your fishmonger should have information about this all the time.

But if u buy the stuff from a safe place in a safe time and u prep them with care – u will end up having a delicious and superhealthy meal. In probably 3 minutes. Ok – lets say u cook something else with it – still u can keep in the magic 30 minutes time.

Chef NakedPea

Jeeeez i already talked too much. Please enjoy the video. And please leave comments and ask questions if there is any. See ya.

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