I started my new job. Not ‘a new job’ but ‘my new job’. Hope u guys feel the difference. Because the difference is huge. Love it. For real.

Dont misunderstand me, i loved my job and love right now and will love being a chef forever and ever. U all know that pastry is in my heart – im literally in love with puddings. The art and precicion and prettiness. This is my weak side. I do love cooking savoury things, normal dishes, mostly veg and seafood, simple fast and healthy. *

*footnote: just starting my Utube channel with cooking tips from a chef. Easy (at least for me but i try to explain) from scratch and ready in 30 minutes. The first protoype is ready and uploaded here – Chef NakedPea – i quite enjoyed it so hopefully much more coming up sorting out the problems of sounds and lights and other stuff.

Most important reason is cause i dont trust ‘ready made food’ and trying not to buy anything ‘more than one ingredient’. But also im lazy thats why i dont cook anything what takes longer than half our (sorry guys but no goat curry this time lol).

What i wanted to say – my new job is in a Bakery. A very good artesanal bakery – and this is definitely something i always wanted to try. I m doing different shifts – cake section, vien section and bread section. Cake shift is classic (7am) – making cookies, cakes, brownies, granola bars and everything sweet u would have with your coffee. Bread shift – obvious in a bakery right? (5pm) where all those beautiful artesanal breads been made. Long double shift and messy. Very messy. Lol. But great fun. Very interesting see this side of bread baking – as i was making bread for long time in restaurants but baking 2 loaves for lunch and 3 loaves for dinner OMG is so different. I mean its actually not at all but i am amazed with the quantities and sizes. I am doing a few shifts a week to keep learning this side of the story as well. Its very hard job – all my respect for the bakers as they seem to be a totally different ‘species’. Doing double shifts (i mean i use to do 14-16 hours shifts so i feel this) every night – having their social life basically between the walls of the bakery… sometimes seeing them in the morning at 7am (when u start your shift) getting drunk sitting outside. Cause they just finished. So i would love to learn more of this artesanal profession (shaping every single bread by hand) but i feel its too much for me for good. I m just about to discover the beauty of life outside work – so i definitely dont need a sort of job which turns my daily routine up side down. But happy keeping a couple of bread shifts in my pocket for sure.

But the LOVE. The love is VIEN. VIENNOISERIE. Exactly. The easiest way to explain – inbetween yeasty pastry and layered puff pastry. One word: ‘croissant’, and u know. Not just croissant but every ‘danish’ type of pastry or rolls, buns, twists etc etc. Its the ‘mother of all pastries’ i believe. And i love it. Shift quite unsocial – starting from 3-5 pm – but. BUT. No stress and preassure. Chilled and relaxed. Not too many people to work with and its just so nice. I know the job what needs to be done – if i hurry go home earlier but if i feel lazy m doing slow and go home a bit later. Does not make any difference. LOVE. And the beauty. The beauty of the pastries. Its great place for me to focus on perfection and precision. Each every single pastry has to be perfect. L.O.L. OH OH and have i mentioned the smell all around the bakery when we start baking things off? Pure heaven yes. I m doing this shift around 3 weeks now – still slower then the other guys – but the quality of my work pays back – im very happy with it. It looks quite boring from outside – having the same pastries to make every day (croissant – vegan* croissant, pan de choc – vegan pan de choc, cinnamon bun, pan de raisin, maple twist and apple danish) BUT. And its and important ‘but’ considering how creative i am and just NEED TO MAKE NEW THINGS AND EXPERIMENT.

*footnote: (my personal opinion) – our vegan stuff is not just freakin’ beautiful but also tasty as f*ck. Using a great margarin and its coming out sometimes prettier than normal butter lamination.

So im still very busy to catch up with the speed of my colleagues – but. I already have plenty of new ideas of vien pastries – i think having just temporarly ‘additions’ can work nicely and keeping us (pastrychefs) interested. I see great possibilities to use infused butter while we are laminating the dough (with cheese or spicies, or keep it sweet – cocoa o levander exampl). There is space for experiment in the bakery for sure. So i have no worries that its gonna be fun.


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