Hello All! Im done with the second week of my second diet. This was the parasite eliminating diet to be more precise. And well…. huh was tough m’ther f’cker.

I think i was explaining the side effects of my ‘medication’ (oregano extract) in the last post – so i had the most horrible day on Tuesday (12th day). That was my lowest point in this whole period of time. Starting with killer cramps in my stomach – keep going on and on and on… same feeling when you are having the first days of your period (haha i still dont have my period which i lost in the 3rd week of my full elimination diet)… baaaaad. Than rushing to the toilet. Baaaaaaaad. Awefully tired. Pain in all my joints and bones all over – from head to toe. I bet even my eyelashes hurt. LOL. Obviously i had to go to work. Was struggling on the table. Shaping the bread and wishing for an early finish. Was dizzy, disorientated… my apetite was coming and going. Uncomfortable preassure in my head – like a neverending smooth headache. At the end of the day i was so happy that i could have some apple and blueberry salad – decided finally to stay in my belly and let itself being digested. Was soooo f’cking keen on to get in bed, sleeping it over and start a new day.

And it happened. New day. Felt better. Much more better. Tiny dizziness was staying with me (still) but my stomach was fine, i felt stronger a bit and no cramps. Good sign. Since then im good. Im done with the first 2 weeks – and i feel much more better. Was even doing some yoga this morning. I decided to keep the diet on for another week – just in case – but i will reduce the oregano intake from 3 to 2. Well… this is where i am at the moment. My bestie – Angelika is having the hardest times now – we keep talking about it and sharing the feelings and symptoms we are both having (she decided to join me in this diet challenge). Same – very much the same. So fingers cross she will get better soon now just how i did. And we both gonna live happily ever after. Hahahahaha.

I keep saying how proud i am – she was eliminating sugar (and yeast and alcohol) fully from her life for 2 weeks. Its much more tougher than people think (people who never have the balls to do the same). I am very happy we did it. Now looking forward to the next couple of weeks. Re-building the healthy gut system. Slowly starting to eat fermented food and spooning probiotic yoghurts and fresh yummy cheeses to re-create our inner balance.

footnote: a week ago when i was still in a ‘pretty bad place in mind’ emailed Sally (my nutritionist) complaining about my bloated belly which was still happening. My ‘fake pregnancy’ didnt go anywhere. And i lost another kilo. I described her my recent diet and she said she has a feeling (nomatter what was before in my elimination diet) that the gluten can be a part of my problem. So she told me to avoid it again. Not even a molecule of it. So i am on a glutenfree sugarfree yeastfree diet. At the moment. Looks like it helps. My bloated state seems to be lower. Mornings looking good again – no heavy feeling after eating. So … i know you heard this before (and knock on wood)… but im being positive again. Not running anywhere – i am not even able to run away from myself.

no bread for a while….

Also im having some hard time at the bakery with my hands (i might have carpal tunnel syndrome) and also trying out some hormone testing to see whats happening with my period… i have a lot going on in my life so i take it easy. But i definitely feel much more better than before. Fingers cross my bug has gone. And we will celebrate this on Friday!!!!

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