Blueberries Diary 02/04.

Hello welcome back to my crazy – not very funny – journey. Its actually being a bit too harsh now. Kindof really want this to end. You know when you have to think about the original symptoms – and realising that they were less bad and painful then my ‘fixing diet’ itself… reconsideration in process.

So in my last post i was mentioning that i think i had ‘the worst day’ during the parasite killing period which potentially – hopefully meant that i killed my Blastocystis. Well… it was approx a week a go. Since then i reduced the oregano capsule to twice per day. Increased the amount of probiotical food and fermented things slowly so i can build up my healthy gut system again.

How do i feel? Terrible. Usually. Meh.

Since that very bad Tuesday – i had several ‘bad tuesdays’ i have to say unfortunately… the worst part – that its pretty unexpected. One moment i feel good and strong and the next minute i feel anxious, want to throw up, being dizzy and feeling weak. Then its coming and going. Usually at the end of my days its getting worse – im getting more tired and sleepy and slow. Pfffff. Some days are great – indeed. And some of them just terrible. Im not quite sure how to deal with this.

I have one week left taking the oregano capsules and to meet up again with Sally to talk about this. Well… to be fair the elimination diet was much more fun. I felt good i just had lost of restriction in my diet – but i didnt feel sh’t. Now i do. And i dont like it – i ve never been ‘weak’ and never getting sick. Its very uncomfortable especially that i have to keep working. And working and working.

Other part of the picture i have to mention. I still got bloated belly – after all its so funny right? Dealing with so much and still having the original problem. But. I have a but. I think i know. I think its a weird combination of gluten and yeast. I m afarid i didnt take it seriously enough – when i ve been told to avoid even a molecule of gluten…to be honest: im working in a bakery. Everything is covered with flour. So every single time i sit down to have my dinner – potentially will be covered with flour in a couple of minutes – invisibly of course.

So yesterday night i was coming home and my belly was just enormous. I was hugging it like my baby. Funny. I love my belly either way. This morning its all gone – i see my abs all around. Pretty freaking weird. But if i think about it – i ve got bloated almost every night – when im working – but never really when im off. Interesting thoughts. Anyway.

I keep you updated after the chat with my nutritionist. I keep checking myself – being out and in the bakery. Trying to avoid all the potential gluten. And trying to enjoy some great wine instead.

Open up your mouth…!

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