Finally… the last day.

I did not feel the amount of journey what was behind – i could truly enjoy my full last day in Tokyo. As i mentioned before i did cancelled my hostel – i did not want to take any risk with my flight – as it was Sunday (didnt know if it changes anything in public transport) and my flight departed around 9am – and i wasnt sure about the general rules of Tokyo Skytrain anyway… no stress needed so it was a good decision. But because of this i left the hostel at 7:50am (keeping my backpack there for later) and next stop was at 21:30pm at the airport of Narita. Loooong last day.

First and most interesting goal was – check out the big Fish Market. Yes – yes – the place where the biggest tuna auctions suppose to be held every night. Well. Was the biggest disappointment in my whole journey. They moved the market out from the old place in town – guessing it grew so big that couldnt hold itself in that place. I saw the old area – Tsukiji Market. They moved the whole scenario outside to the man-made Tokyo Bay. Took me a while to get there with different trains – then when i got there i had to face with massive modern buildings where security didnt let me enter. Without the proper batch – u could only walk ‘upstairs’ to see the market (some of it) but u were not able to get in. Such a f@ckin disappointment.

There was one bulding with some small shops to buy some stuff (dried bugs and local craft beer) and couple of restaurants to eat expensive sushi and ramen. So i was a bit massively pissed of not being able to catch the vibe of the ‘big tokyo market’ but … the Tokyo Bay worth a visit. Its a great place, looking amazing. Massive sky scrapers and bridges all around – and there are million things to do. There is a skytrain connection to the center and the train is automatised – no driver at all. Supercool and great view to look around the district.

I did try the Tokyo Wheel (i think about 500yen) – sat in a glass cabin and enjoying a breathtaking view on the top of everything. After that i experienced the best exhibition in my life – modern digital art. It was simply mindblowing. Mindblowing. I dont even try to describe it – have to be a part of it. Great work with lights. It s in the Building Mori next to the Tokyo Wheel in this massive shopping center. The exhibition was quite pricey, around 3000yen but worth every penny really. It was f@ckin awesome.

Had some ramen lunch in a busy place while i was cheking out the ‘sake purchasing’ options anywhere in Tokyo. I love sake. I had as much as i could all around my trip. It became the wine of my life. So decided to bring home some great stuff. And i found a tiny hidden shop i fully recommend. Shop called Ajinomachidaya, its a bit of a walk from the closest metro station but its still ok.

They have the biggest cup sake selection in Tokyo and the guys there are very helpful, speaking english and knowing a lot about the stuff they sell. I ended up spending a fortune – maybe around 10.000yen – but buying 2 big bottles of ‘natural funky style’ sake and like 10 very unique cup sakes. I was happy but also angry of myself making me carry such a big extra weight.

Was getting late by this time and i was getting tired – but i simply had to visit Shinjuku with its massive traffic and giant shopping malls. Its very very easy to get lost here – just as easy as spend yourself out from your budget. U can literally find everything here (amazing underground food malls). I got into the poshest foodmarket and spent my last bits of yens buying a great top quality tuna sashimi and other bites for my last ‘airport dinner’. Was very time to go – running very low on battery plus carrying 8 kilos of sake ‘forfun’.

I collected my backpack from the Hostel and got into a direct train to Narita Airport. The journey took ages (was so happy not stressing out in the morning) and my Metro Pass was covering a part of this trip – after that i needed to pay like about 1500yen i think to reach the airport.

I was there. Enjoying my last supper in a bench with my little chopsticks and my last cup of sake in Japan. Narita airport is well prepaired for night sleepers. Great benches for sleep and sit, lots of charging options, great wi-fi. 24 hours restaurant, clean toilets and showers. So i can recommend – i slept worse hostels than this airport. LOL.

Sadly but happy. Start and the end.

Priceless journey behind me. Absolute – another trip of my life. LOVE JAPAN. BE BACK.

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