Looking for an absolut easy decoration?¿ Do u fancy to bake or make your cake but having problem with the last touch? Well, i show u a trick what is hardly can be easier…

Crystallization. Flowers. Fruits… with some sugar and magic u can preserve them for your dessert decoration.

footnote: and u can easily find edible flowers all year around for free :)

IMG_20160326_184912 (1)

Its Easter now and i made a baked poppy-seed cheesecake for the boys im waiting. This sweet is always a safe option (and pretty expensive as well) only because everyone loves it. Really.

And i did find some beautiful violets in the garden – with the power of the ·alpha-ionone· aroma molecule what makes eating it very enjoyable. Having sexy deep color by the way.


First of all the little flowers need to be cleaned – several tiny bugs can hide but most of all: we have a dog jumping, running and playing in the garden. And pee sometimes. :) Just to be surely in safe.

So wash carefully the flowers in water – then need to be drained and dried.


IMPORTANT: violets are f*ckin delicated and fade very quickly so try to prepair not more than 10 pieces at once.

While its resting in a kitchen tower: whisk a little bit one egg white and brush the flower petals all around very carefully.


Now sprinkle with white sugar – make sure that the petals are separated to each other as much as its possible to keep the lovely shape of a violet.

Nothing else left – but let it dry. And enjoy the little beauties.


footnote: u can use the flower of every herbs what are common in the kitchen like lavender, basil, mint, red clover, okra, daisy, marigold etc etc… but this way of crystallization is perfectly working with small fruits like berries as well.



Thats my sweetporn for Easter – eat this not little bunnies!!!

poppy seed&lemon cheesecake with ·crackling· violets and chocolate lace

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