Hungarian tales…

Im moved home for a bit. My niece was born. so i help my sister for now. BUT I FOUND A JOB AND I F*CKIN ENJOYING WORKING AGAIN!


This place is in Villany – one of the best wine región in Hungary famous for its red rustic wines (especially Carbernet Franc)… it could be perfect for me – but just in time. Im still not ready to live here forever – however im always ready to take a big bite out of it! :)

So the place is the Mandula Restaurant of Gere (one of the famous brand u can find) and its kindof “homesweethome” style with a twist. This twist is not too big as i wish – but the whole country is not ready for something bigger. A bit unorganised – a bit chaotic – but its got lots and lots of potential with a breathtaking surrounding of course.

Being a pastry chef here means having basically unlimited freedom. I like it – being more creative than ever and experimenting all the time (unfortunatly i need to follow a couple of basic lines coming from the management of the hotel) so i try not to piss against the wind right?


The team is good – however missing some enthusiasm and experience from abroad. They like good food – but taking it too easy being comfortable.

But the food is good – trying to work with local ingredients (however poor the offer is). The territory is rich in cured and wild meat, beautiful cheese and dairy product with aromatic herbs. And gorgeous wines of course.

As u would expect – the menú is built up on the wines we have. This is both very good and very bad. On one side if u are doing great – u can upgrade the whole degustation simply choosing the perfect bottle for the perfect plate reaching totally new flavour combinations. This can be an awesome playground – with an open minded chef and a creative sommelier.

The “sucks side” of the story when u have no other wine in the house but the owners. In my case it means only red rustic tanninful alcoholic reds out from the barrique. It does not help me creating colorful seasonal desserts (escaping from the world of dark bitter chocolate and dried berries… :)) Spring is here anyway. But well…

IMG_20160413_140558We do love challenge, right? :P

Open up your mouth…!

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