Crispy crack neck

Lets jump in my first meat project with Mr. Yellow Cock – i introduced u before. With all my respect i prepaired every pieces of this bird (except a couple of tiny inner parts). As u can see here i picked up a part of my favourite part of my childhood…

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe skin! I mean the neck! I mean the skin of the neck! One of my best moment in life: holding the two ends of this bone – sucking out the meat – above a big ball of very best mummy’s soup. I can make amazing food – but i could never copy my mother’s real chcken soup however was trying… probably one of the biggest problem is always the quality of ingredients. First of all my mum is always using “home-range” pretty old chicken – has not too much flesh but more flavour. She is using more offals (i love them sooooo much – me and my sister used to fight for different parts, i always got the liver, she got the gizzard and the faster had the heart and balls) so all of us can have a bite. And the vegetables of course, they all from our (or the neighbour’s) garden… BUT i should STOP here now talking about the very best chicken soup ever – the time is gonna come soon when i can show u more closer… let me just stick with my little piece of skin i started the story with.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAHuuuuuuuuuuuuh… skin. Children hate skin. All. I did as well. And a lot of adults… simply for one reason… the skin is sh8t if its soft. One of the most horrible texture in the world… and unfortunately most of us remember like this. Because we cooked it (like in the soup mentioned above) or “tryng” to roast it (and it was not successful). Well well well… let me introduce u another way of this part of the body… and let me call my friend to help in this tough situation: the deep fryer.

Personally i dont fancy the deep fryer and usually the food to make in tonns of oil – but for a couple of cases can be really handy. Like now. Because we do need to reach the “total crunchiness“.

I took off the skin carefully from the bone like a stocking and cleaned precisely. Used some spiced flour to roll about for more crunchyness. The hard job really was to find a “fryer safe filling” which was absolutely necessary not to let the skin shrink like a cotton jumper in a 90degrees wash.


Finally…. i found my solution. But dont tell anyone! :)))  U know those little tea-candles? Well a made them naked to use their little aluminium cover as a “kindofmold” for the neck putting 5 together like a roll. AND WAS WORKING!!! I needed to take them out at the last stage – it seemed that the aluminium doesnt let the skin being fried out properly… and its job had been done by that time – the skin held its shape perfectly while becaming absolutely crunchy. This is exactly the perfect way to make chips – i saved all the beautifully golden skin of Mr. Yellow Cock, later just need to chuck in the fryer, leave there ‘forever’ (cant really burn in a domestic machine) and use it as a really clever garnish for risotto, mash potato or salad topping… just dont forget to season properly – a good sprinkle of salt with whateverUfancy, paprika, chilli, coriander or special spicemix can do miracle (ras el hanout, curry, dukkah…. OMG, I ve already imagined my crunchy african-taste skin chips with an aromatic lentil casserole…). So a part of Mr. Yellow Cock has been done. Good job – well done.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe rest? I just saw an amazing bunch of fresh white asparagus in the market and i insisted to buy… the season for them its pretty fuckin’ short, i cant miss any oportunity to have a mouthful of its nutty heaven… (however here in Palma seems to have green asparagus like all year around – thanks to green-houses and flavour-losers…. :(. But anyway. I prepaired my white beauties, – were so fresh, i didnt even peel them just broke the end part off – put a big piece of fat of my bird (i told u im using all part) in a smoking hot pan with a tiny piece of butter… and after a couple of seconds place the asparagus in as well. Careful, it should spit like a little steetboy! :P Let the butter caramelize the vegetable a couple of minutes then add your sherry soaked golden sultanas with a nice splash of manzanilla sherry. Move the sauce continuously till it becomes thick enough (DONT OVERCOOK THE ASPARAGUS – its not just the loss of flavour u need to face with, but a horrible texture – u dont need more than 8 minutes for this whole pan frying proccess and…. DONE! Finishing touch some sea-salt flakes and freshly ground pepper… Oh, and a couple drops of an absolut amazing cold pressed sunflower seed oil which brings deep earthiness (with nice green color) to the whole plate.


footnote: the sauce was soooo yummy that i did not get up till i had the last sip of it.

advice: be brave to use every part of a chicken. Makes your palette much more clever and colorful! :) The richest flavours are hiding in the ‘least welcome’ pieces…

Open up your mouth…!

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