My very new friend, Mr. Yellow Cock.


He suppose to be a very very organicfreerangehappy bird. Or at least he was. (R.I.P.)

Sooooo…. finally i found a company who sells ‘carne feliz’ thru online and have a stall in a market at Santa Catalina. First we didnt seem to find the place… (i found soooo many beautiful things instead like fresh blue foot mushroom and white asparagus… could have spent a fortune :)))))… and when we saw a “happy meat” sign was the time to ask the guy… and he cut his ‘life-story’ short: still has no licence for organic meat (however he has got), he is waiting for a year now because the law doesnt look really helpful in his case. Bla bla bla… i was a bit disappointed till i saw there Mr. Yellow Cock.

It was love at first sight. Big. Massive. Yellow.

His label says ‘pollo de campo’ which is ‘free range’. Well, it looked soooooooooooooooo free range that i could hardly doubt it. The reality of course can trick me – as Marty use to say: just because they keep animals in a farm not necessarily means that the food was green grass and corn… people can feed chickens with the same artificial shit to blow them up for triple size… well, even if this is the sad truth, i can believe they enjoyed the sun and had a bit bigger space like a cage… at least.


He is gonna have the leader part of the next couple of blog episodes… i saw him so much more different that i spent 2 hours to ‘tear into pieces’ really carefully. Prepaired all the pieces – we will respect this animal as much as we gonna use every part of his body. After cut him up basically was swimming in his natural yellow fat and healthy offals.

He must had a great life. If not for something else: for its price. I paid 30 euro for Mr. Yellow Cock and his weight is 4 kg. Checking in big supermarkets, half big normal chicken costs 4 euros (2kg), same size of organic “happy”chicken costs 10euros (2kg)… so i hope i paid for good quality. Happy if i did.

There are tonns of ideas in my head already for Mr. Yellow Cock… just be a tiny bit patient. And wish good luck for my first very very happy meat! :P

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