I love fresh pasta… we all love fresh pasta, no?

Unfortunately i have almost no opportunities to make it… not just because it needs like a half day and lots of attention continuosly – but cause it can be such a big fun to make together with friends… and usually i am always left alone in the kitchen with doors closed, which seems more like a slavery…


But now i did have a chance to have some fun… with my new beautiful ingredients…

We all remember my very organic bird i bought last week!? Well, one night i made a gorgeous roast using a couple of pieces (i was having a fight for the two crunchy wings!!! :D and i won!) but my boys could not finish with all the rest so i had some leftover meat….


And WE ARE USING EVERYTHING – especially if its happy meat what im happy to eat! :)

Last time i was lucky enough to get some beautful wild blue foot mushroom so i ve got a big bag without hesitate! Making a duxelles out of it with my very fresh herbs from the terrace seemed an ideal stuffing for my home-made ravioli… So got a bunch of curly parsley with flowerful lemon thyme and silver sage.


I just love using ink of calamari for my pasta – one hand it gives a special look with its deep black colour, on the other hand my dough usually misses just that amount of extra liquid what the ‘paint’ adds to it making it soooooooooooooo elastic… really enjoyable to work like this.

(i made pasta out of 5 large organic eggs with 500g strong white flour, salt, pepper, drops of herb oil and 2 little bag of ink which can be 2 tbsp)


Unfortunately i have my amazing pasta machine at home in Hungary – so i was using my hands. And, it was never that easy before…  i tell u … must be a secret of the ink. In one hour i was done. If u fancy different shapes? Go ahead! Like stars in the sky! Only thing u need to be careful with – however amazing is your stuffing (mine was like a dream) dont overfill your little dumplings. If u want too much – u gonna get less because your babies will break and die in your boiling water while u are blanching them. Trust me, make more with less and we all finish the day happy.

(my stuffing contains: the meat of my organic bird, its own jus, blue foot mushroom duxelles – onions, garlic, mushroom, herbs, butter, sherry, salt and pepper – with a hint of nutmeg and a splash of balsamic vinegar to reach the balance)


After blanching u can keep them in the fridge, freeze down or eat them straight away. I finish my plate how i learned in Italy a lifetime ago. When u have an easy going stuffing like only cheese, or spinach or just something really not complicated – u can make a fancy creamy or wine based sauce to serve in it. But when u have a pasta with rich filling (all in one) – better to serve in a simple way. Warm up your beauties in an almost boiling water when melting butter in a pan. Couple of minutes and chuck your pasta in the slowly caramelized butter with a couple leaves of sage, salt&pepper. Let the bottom of the ravioli becoming crunchy, the herb will do the same. Done (i lift it up with a spoonful of crazy mallorquin blue cheese which became a crispy flavourful skin of the sage). To make it more attractive: serve it with the flower of your herb… cause it can never be colouful enough! :P
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAfootnote: my boyz liked it soooo much that unfortunately i had nothing left to freeze down… :)

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    Interesting 😊

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