Que crazy combooooo… 1.

What do u think about these? Which type of person u are, the one who choose the safe option or the risky one?

  1. tomato (ketchup)& strawberry& banana (panna cotta)
  2. prawns & walnut salad with choco&orange&mayo dressing
  3. avocado & coffee & rum tiramisu
  4. mushroom & blueberry risotto
  5. chocolate & cheese
  6. bla bla bla….
  7. blablablablablabla………. etc etc.


Most of the time western people seems to forget the avocado is a fruit (exist not just in the guacamole with lots of garlic and chilli… :)) having a perfect textrure for making mousse for example. In Malaysia absolute normal having an avocado milkshake for breakfast or lets see Mexico where people having avocado-rum coctail as a dessert…

And what about the coffee? Are u interested?

I belive so that one of the most beautiful coffee-dessert is the tiramisu, so i was imagine the flavors top up with the avocado and … it works. And this is not just my opinion. I had friends around and it was pretty popular. Even for a little girl, who hates coffee – i needed to aware everyone that my sweet is dangerous by the way, let me tell u why…

So my TIRAMISU had a base. I got the usual sponge and layered OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAdown with a mix containing massive amount of espresso and kalhua (my favorite coffee liqour) with a bit of gellatin to set. The alcohol and the dry sponge just contain enough sugar to balance the bitterness of the espresso. This was already a really nice dessert to enjoy. The other main ingredients was the mousse-cream, the actual „crema de tiramisu”. I used the normal recipe: mascarpone, yolks, sugar and cream whipping together with the secret ingredient… the avocado. Bit of color, bit of texture and a lots of flavor.

So i had my little bit deconstructed tiramisu plated up with a slice of the fresh fruit – give a nice background color… and the guys liked it! Liked it sooo much that they couldnt even tell whats on the plate… i tried myself several times to get a deep impression… the dessert was surprisingly fresh. The biscuit-coffee base bitter and sweet – the mousse almost savory, with a perfect balance.

Dont believe me? Try! Only one thing u need to be aware: however careful u are and pay lots of attention – the avocado oxidate really quickly. So be as fast as u can!


I read a blog about the perfect match of the banana and the „heinz ketchup”… this as it is seems weird big time – but the original idea turned my brain on. Just need to get closer more carefully… so i choose a help, Ms. Strawberry… cause we all know, that the tomato is the vegetable strawberry and the strawberry is the fruit tomato… a lots of flavor-components are matching, so using good – can replace one to the other easily. So know we have 2and a half fruit on a plate – can not be that bad…OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Decided to the role play goes to a panna cotta – normal version but change the double cream to some fresh bananas  – help to set as well. About the garnish: vodka marinated cherry tomatoes, fresh and dried strawberries and strawberry sugar for crunchiness, the dressing is jus the fraises with tomato water. And impossible to ignore my new trendy ketchup iceream. Just cool. But is it working together???

 My friends came around again to help my experiment… Well, the plate looked absolutely georgeous. The panna cotta had a crazy texture for the bananas but was too sweet by itself, was working surprisingly well with the fruitiness of the strawberry and the acidity of the tomatoes. These could have stayed a bit longer in the vodka marinade by the way. The dressing like a nice coat covered the whole thing together. But what about the ketchup icecream? Definitely a big winner. Having it freezer-cold changed the flavor absolutely. I couldnt form a clear opinion of this flavor combo though, 50% – 50%. But worth to try for sure.

CHOCOLATE & CHEESEChocolate and blue cheese coulant

This flavor-pairing can not be a question. For me one of the most obvious thing ever. I have two great example in my pocket – the result is guaranteed. Lets see first a dark bitter chocolate – salty parmesan combination. Beautiful – i dont find better words. I made a french souffle –IMG_8357 coulante which is working like a fondant (solid outside but with perfect timing can hold flowing liquid in the middle). The melting stuffing was nothing else but a parmezan-cacao ganache which i froze down before to use and cut into cubes for better result – with this ‘cheating’ its impossible to overcook your fondant. The bitter chocolate were amazing with the sweet ganache and the salty, almost smoky cheese. No place for doubt.

Just like the other example, my white-choc & bluecheese mousse. OMG! I reached another dimension with this mass… It has got a really strong flavor – so i couldnt put in the middle of the plate not just to avoid the overpowering, but because nobody can have more than 2-3 spoonful of this. My solution was a hungarian Tokaji panna cotta (dessert wine) as a leader with some biscotties, dried milk skin. Carefully placed the mousse-miracle at the background. Personally i adore this “third flavor” what u can get from the other two, most of my friends loved it. Not all – lot of people hates white chocolate or/and bluecheese. This reason is pretty understandable.


Well… i imagined this more in a savory plate… so i was thinkin’ about a rich ragu with some nice meat in it… like a kind of rabbit stew…The meat sweet and light – would go well with some fruitiness from the berries while the mushroom carries the earthiness. It does sound beautiful – does it taste as well?

We will see next time… :)

Open up your mouth…!

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