If i were a rich man, i would open my own little place to make an extraordinary restaurant where u can not eat anything else but desserts.

Yes yes yes… u can say, there are so many places where u can buy just sweets (i know proper restaurants or as they call themselves,`sweet bars` working in New York and Barcelona), BUT IM NOT TALKING ABOUT COFFEE AND CAKE SHOPS OR AFTERNOON-TEA PLACES, WITH JAM AND SCONES… no no no. Tidy little place with a few seats, warm atmosphere – but posh and spot on – i think this furnishing-part of the story would be Marti’s job, she can use her quite crazy imagination to create something absolutely individual fit into the idea of Cook’s Nest Heaven.

A small, tidy place hidden in a corner. U can find nothing, but desserts. I dont want to say sweets on purpose – not every dessert is sweet in my point of view. I would use everything whats available in good quality. No limit, not just local product – but obviously I wouldn’t buy my apple from Africa. I will be brave to use everything to create amazing flavor-combinations, especially lots and lots of vegetable. The vegetables secretly contain more sugar what u can imagine – just need to know how to lure out to show it.

The menu can change each day – if necessary, but preferable to leave for a while reaching perfection. Everyone can find the `big favorite`, a deconstructed old fashioned or a new crazy flavor-combo one. Up to You. And i would listen to you, your opinion about it, see if u lick your plate or leave a few bits… why? This is the  most important, if i want to make u, customers happy, i should listen to your voice, not just my feelings.

Maybe i think. that these can work….:

Royal Tokaji panna cotta with blue-cheese & white chocolate ganache, crispy milk skin

Lavender-honey goat-cheesecake with amaretto soaked black pepper-biscotties

Bitter chocolate stuffed churroz with cherry sorbet, Pedro Ximenez reducti


Poppy seed curd parfait with kaffir lime icecream and lemon-thyme sabayon

Frangipane gatchas with champage-vanilla-gooseberry compote, almond milk ice

Blood-orange tart with black olive sorbet and orange-blossom jelly

Runny chocolate brownie with creamy-cheesy cauliflower icecream

Anise pancake with comquat-pina colada bavarois and chilli&iberico ham salt

Rhubarb & nectarine gazpacho with warm saffron-ricotta dumplings

Spicy macerated prunes with macadamia crumbs and yoghurt-honeycomb custard

Coconut rice-pudding with pistachio meringue and rose crystal

Cardamom tiramisu with blackcurrant liquid jelly and coriander caramel

Icy deconstructed apple pie terrine with cinnamon filo and rum-raisin icecream

Traditional hungarian ribboned carnival doughnut with apricot & rosemary compote

Milk choc-peanut butter fudge, textures of beetroot and Guiness sorbet

Butternut squash souffle with clove infused egg-nogg icecream

Olive – polenta cake with pickled sweetcorn ganache and `yuzu mayo` dressing

Chocolate coated sweet potato chips with spicy tomato-strawberry `ketchup`

Smoked honey glazed white asparagus with liquid elderflower mozzarella and dehydrated green tea powder

Cereal milk shake with marzipan bubbles and violet candies

Banana creme brulee with parsnip madelienes and black-sesame seed icecream

Sweet cocoa-pine nut morcilla served on brioche with egg yolk, vanilla salt

Triple chocolate truffle trifle with vanilla-puff rice macaroons

etc etc etc…. never ending ideas….

Never ending love to put in these little creations to make u happy and see a smile. To push people closer each other, fabricate intimate whispering and conceive LOVE. By heart. Come and enjoy.


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