Thanx for all the scars, burn stigmas, needless muscles i`ve got by carrying tons of bread and flour.

Thanx all the humiliation and shout i had. It helped me a lot  to become a proper bitch in the kitchen.

Thanx for all the sleepless nights with tears in my eyes being scared to go to work tomorrow.

Thanx for praying cold weather and heavy rain in the middle of summer – just not to get raped in a double shift.

Thank u Mike for your bad black mood.

Thanx for every week, when i was working more than 70 hours…


Thank u for giving me the knowledge how to use

– thermomixer
– vac-pac machine
– proper smoker
– sous vide technology
– waterbath

Thank u to make me proud of myself and the things i was doing.

Thanks Samuel to make me love the Kasabians and i could be a witness of your Yorkshire Pudding – miracles, what nobody can copy. (R.I.P. :))

Thanks for not sacking me after my first toffee-saffron icecream (which is not taste of Sussex).

Thanks for the chance to work on the best brownie recipe ever.

Thanx Michael Bremner for that wonderful molecular gastronomy playground, what u provided us to play crazy.

Thank u for the liquid nitrogen experiments (health and safety always first!!!) and the spherification inventions.

Thank u for Alfi.

Thanx Scotty to be an example, that it is possible to be `a kind of drunk` most of the time but still doing 100% quality job and being 100% good daddy. :)))

Thanx to be a part of the century`s creation: Haribo Rum Jelly.

Thank for all the floor stuff for all the coffees and cold (staff) drinks we could get of You and sending checks of 45 covers in ten minutes.

Thank u Sara just for the way, how u are and makes us smile, whatever is happening.

Thank u Henry being on my way all the time :).

Thank u everyone, who was a part of this team and help me to survive.

Thanks to let me have direct contact with Mr. Algin, Citras, Calcic, Gluco, Xantana, Agar, Gellan gum, Metil, Sucro, Lecite, Kappa, Maltodextrin, Isomalt, Citric acid and the others, so i realized, that nothing is impossible.

Thanks for every summer night, when after service we all just sat down outside and talking sh*t lots of rubbish till morning.

Thank u for every minute when i could make love with my bread-dough on my bench.

Thank u to show me that the battered deep fry sausage not just a legend.

Thank u Mike for your glamorous mood.

Thanks for all the heads, brain, neck, leg, liver, heart, gizzard and any other unidentifiable offals i could take home to make a special hungarian gulyas.

Thanx for the Velazquez brothers to show us what a `proper breakfast` means (beyond the tin baked beans and dry scrumbled egg).


2 responses to “Commemoration of Due South…”

  1. 64 | The Cook's Nest Avatar

    […] upon a time there was a little girl who started to work at Due South in a cloudy day. Was at the beggining of April a couple of years ago… And i was scared like a […]

  2. juliana Avatar

    It’s the end of an era. The best thing for me was meeting all this new amazing hardworking cool people that I had the chance to meet in Due South, I wouldn’t change a single thing… loved the post Kat. Good bye Due South.. xxx

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