I have really hard head – or how does it say… anyway… i believe there is nothing impossible, so if i wanna do something… i can not stop till i reach it. Never. I think i have a little man inside of me and keeps pushing me. I like it. Keeps me pushing again and again.

Once a friend told me (thank u Rafaello) that i keep fighting till i reach my goal – and that maybe its because im hungarian, and we suffered so much in the past that maybe … u know, if something does not kill u makes u stronger. So he might be right…. however i never believed in these theories about nationalities…. i think that i am the only who is responsible for my behavior (and of course my Mum and Dad, maybe my sister…. its possible :))) without any historical bullsh*t.


But let me be clear. Macaron. Again. The challenge of Macaron. What i showed u before here and here. This little french b*st*rd… never leave me alone. And the reason? Because i never know if it works or not. My successul rate is 50percent. I really would like to say that “I CAN MAKE MACARONS” – but it would be kindof a lie. I can make macarons if the macarons want to be made by me. Really. I have all my respect to someone who can make them perfectly all the time. Cause its not just how to prepair, how to bake and how to fill…. MyGod  one time i made it – looked beauty, but the day before became a chewing gum, horrible. Had to chuck in the bin all. My heart was broken. So it can look awesome  but be a horrible experience to eat.

Now i have a french “teacher” Anthony, who suppose to have the technic of Macarons in his blood- we made it and it was cool. Obvoiusly he made this million times in his life.

I think my problem is that i dont know exactly what problems should i looking for. Its so f*cking delicate. Cause on one hand u need to make an italian meringue (easy to say, but not too stiff and not too runny) then have your icing sugar with almond flour sifted carefully…. and mix, and wait and bake and bla bla bla…


Anyway. I was celerating last week. I made it. All alone. And loved it. Lots of hassle for a tiny little thing. But it is gorgeous. Love every tiny detail.

Never give up guys! I will try it again and again till i can say without fear: “Yes i can make some macarons for u!”

Open up your mouth…!

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