I have seen my annual report of 2013… pretty interesting… :)

First of all – Many thanks for all of u following us… this means about 1600 viewings in the year 2013!!!! I am soooo soooo proud of every blog post u saw and liked (and feel sorry for those ones which u missed unfortunately…). I am not going to be more sensitive – maybe because of the quantity of mulled wine i have been drinking since woke up (and i have a feeling that my secret mix contains more brandy than wine actually… :)))) hehehehe. Lets just say – U guys keep me moving further and further and make me brave to try the most craziest ingredientes what probably u would never dare… So… dont stop now and work with me in the next year again!

Dedicate our New Year’s Eve dinner for Everyone who deserves it!

I insisted the hungarian tradition using lentils – as many tiny ‘seeds’ u can eat – as much money u gonna get next year. Push up the flavour with some smoked ox-tail for the meatiness and octopus for the fishiness (umami is complated with this deconstucted surf&turf). Finishing touch is the runny quails egg to symbolize a new beggining with a spicy smoked paprika salt.


The case of Alfie, my boyfriend’s was different and i needed to prepair something else (he wouldnt even have a look on any type of lentils or beans – same like with the vegetable)… this story is pretty usual nowadays. I dont mind to cook his favourite – just because i have day off and want to make this night a bit special with special food and drinks. So he doesnt give a f8ck about any tradition ( be spanish or hungarian…), and actually in Hungary u would never cook fish for this night. Believing in the folk saying: your luck swims away with your fish, but your luck can be founded by a pig (like using its nose in the forest), so eat pork not fish!!! :)

But i can talk talk and talk…. Alfie’s special favourite dish is still remains the “Lobster Thermidor”…. yeeeeeeeeeeep…. not the cheapest stuff u can find (my honest opinion is that a lobster doesnt worth its price – it has unique flavor but not …. hmmmm, not for me, i would rather vote for its friend, the crab). Anyway, i ve got and killed the poor lobster, made a special creamy sauce (using saffron, brandy, shallots, bay leaf, thyme, mustard…. etc etc…) mixing the lobster meat in the sauce, filling the shells in with the creamy lobster meat and as a last touch: a massive amount of parmezan cheese which u are going to grill on the top…. hm…. my mouth is watering.


Accompaining some bubbling rosé cava….

Buon Apetito and enjoy the rest of your last drunk day in the year…

Wishing fresh churros con chocolate for the first early morning of the new year!!!


Open up your mouth…!

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