It was before X-mas when i found something i wanted to share with U…


The story started with that magazine (about the last 10 years cuisine)… and i saw a dish from the 2Michelin star-restaurant Noma in Denmark. If i remember well… the dish was a “TARTAR OF MUSK OX AND WOOD SORREL“… and basically the only thing u could see on the picture (on the plate as well) is a big smear of green cream and a little island of a green herb – and at that time i was thinkin’ that it is just a bunch of clover… hehehe… cause it does look exactly the same – i mean the wood sorrel and the clover… WOW, what a mistake!!!

So i just liked that dish sooo much…. story cut here.

To continue somewhere else… need to get my Dog, Donny. Since he is almost a year old now (and carries a potencial danger cause its a fighter doggy) and we are still living in a f8ckin’ small flat… he needs a lot of exercise. Thanks for him i have got a lot as well considering the fact that i take him most of the time for big, looooooooong walks taking around an hour usually…. which means i covered almost all the outside territory of Palma… and here we are. Has got lots of parks and green paths everywhere. I just couldnt close my eyes that much not to realize the massive fields of (that time i was thinkin’) clover growing all around us. One day while walking with Don – the picture of the dish by Noma was coming into my mind so i picked a tiny green and put into my mouth.


Was expecting not too much be honest. Waiting for the ‘green flavour’ and thats it. What a silly i was – again!!!! I almost had a lemony explosion in my tounge…. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOW! Hard to describe it, fresh and crunchy – feels healthy and nature, finishing with a massive citrus aroma. It can not be a simple clover… thats how i found this beautiful ‘WOOD SORREL’  growing everywhere next door. This idea makes me soooo happy.

But this is still just half of the whole story. The other part i found in our cheap supermarket on a shelf in the fish section… look soo weird that i had to try without knowing the origin… now i know of course. Baby eel… or angulas how u call them here. Very very tiny little fish – looks more like worms to be honest. I knew i love eel – i have tried several times (my favourite was a smoked version) and its a beautiful creature. Unfortunately really taste – its critically endangered now so hardly find in any restaurants (the dark empty Chinese Restaurants are always excemptions). :)

Anyway, the baby eel is not local – coming from the North in little vaacum packs so it last forever i guess. If u can ignore the look for a second – u can feel how taste it is. Pure fish flavour without any bones or skin or finns. Soft and silky – just really nice.

After finding these, the rest was fun! I wanted to make ‘akindof’ earthy-wet-nature playing with colours and textures. So i made my little Boogie Bog.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe wood sorrel and angula-fish babies are already a beautiful pairing and connecting perfectly thru some lemonyness. I add my other big love and favourite: Mr. Spinach. Blanched and blended with creamy roasted garlic for perfect harmony. Little color in the backround: juicy octopus gives a big hug to our wild ranged  2 minutes qualis egg. Next (w)resting the slippery tiny eel nest crowned with its crunchy deepfried version. Last but not least: dancing wood sorrel bunches all around the plate. I think i made a not just pretty playful plate – but a really yummy dish in the same time. Hmmmm… its time to get your swimming dress and “dig_in_it” !

:) Dont forget to lick your plate!


Open up your mouth…!

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