Kat didn’t give the kitchen a minute rest last week: the stove had no chance to cool down before the second turn. I was still in bed, digesting the venison from last night – Kat was already in her kingdom, preparing our lunch. The fish stock had been bubbling for a few hours when I finally got up and following the fishy smells went downstairs in the kitchen to find out what was going on again.

Some faked anchovies, puke-looking greenish stuff in a plastic bag, fish fillet and langoustines – that was on the menu.

Before we are going any further,

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Thank You
S a m u e l   ! ! !

for being supernice to Kat!


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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Why would you fake anchovies with boneless smoked mackarel belly – this is something that my tiny and narrowminded brain will never understand. Let’s just say, chefs know it better…  :-)))  Kat said that cucumber suits very well the salty mackarel, so they marinated them together in vacuum pack (or something like this). This stuff was later stirred into the fish stock and in the end it tasted surprisingly good!

District 9

What good, megadelicious! Fantastic!! Tastebud-teasing!!!

The time-consuming part was then over, Masterchef Kat quickly cooked some noodles with garlic and chilli, pan fried(?) the turbot fillet and the langoustines and voilá! our lunch was ready in basically five minutes! (It’s a bit like Jamie Oliver’s 30 mins meals: sure you can make it in half an hour – after spending two hours with preparing, pre-cooking, chopping, preheating etc. everything…)

I would never expect the cucumber-anchovie broth to taste so great! Thanks god, once in a lifetime Kat cooked more than just one portion per head, I had the same for dinner – and for breakfast the next day and I still loved it!!  :-)

Open up your mouth…!

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