About me

Hi im Kat. I have mental issues. haha I guess all of us have. Especially if …

  • im a women chef in the kitchen
  • never get bored of cooking
  • my brain is full of creativity
  • never stop travelling
  • love and hate relationship with society
  • addicted to tattoos
  • having economic degree – chefing 10 years now Jesus Christ
  • bread is my lover
  • love animals more than humanity
  • unable to maintain a proper relationship seriously! :)
  • u can get me with a nice glass of wine
  • love upcycle rubbish ( thats how i furnished my flat ) *corkart
  • adore my kitchen plants – talking to them every day – so my harvest will be great
  • wish to have a dog – if im not working 16 hours a day and i get rid of the carpet in the flat
  • i spend all my saving to travel – world is huge and full of amazing people
  • i break your hand if i see u throwing rubbish away
  • show my love and passion thru food – thats why my friends are so lucky
  • im bad flexi vegetarian in private life
  • possibly i can make the best brownie – lets say possibly my brownie is always coming out with perfection
  • i have a special relation with sweetporn – love making puddings more than anything #kocsissweetporn
  • trust me with your birthday cake
  • i did cut throat of a chicken
  • u see my food – u see my art – u see me
  • dont know where im gonna be in a year (dont tknow whats happening in a month to be fair) lol
  • i ve been humiliated and abused in the kitchen
  • im facing sexism and racism almost every day
  • hope dies last
  • i only judge your food if u ask me too.

Ask me for more if u dare :)

Link to — CV — dont hesitate, im always up for something NEW

3 responses to “About me”

  1. Diana Avatar

    Beautiful Inspiration!!! Love the blog and your honesty. Do you also have a FB page, or Instagram?

    1. Kat Avatar

      k.kocsis is my instagram. very so sorry for late reply. have a great day every day :)


  2. Andrea Avatar

    Thanks for visiting my page! You have a great blog here, I love the photography and the food just looks amazing, you’re both very talented ladies!
    Csak igy tovabb!! :-)


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