Blueberries Diary – RE-BOOTING


Once upon a time – i did not post any updates on my digestion. Not saying that I had no issues since – I guess I just carry on with ignorance till I really get fed up and must do something with it. Well, I reached this point before X-mas. So I phoned Sally – my nutritionist and we set up a meeting when I start my elimination diet again. So I started with the new year, the 4th of January.

I was bloated again 24/7 in the last couple of months. No difference. So I remembered that few years ago I was able to stop that and looked like how I wanted to for real. It was lots of work mentally and physically BUT THERE IS NOTHING IMPOSSIBLE and my only limit is actually myself. SO I JUMPED INNIT AGAIN.

on my first diet years ago

I changed slightly my diet conditions.


  • gluten
  • oat
  • dairy
  • sugar (only the naturally occuring minimal sugar in coconut or rice milk)
  • no sugary fruits or dried fruits
  • no mushroom or any fungus (anything with bacterias)
  • no nuts
  • no yeast
  • nothing fermented


  • allow myself ‘farting vegetables and legumes’ cooked – because they perfect source of protein and complex carbs and even if they blow me up but just short term and in a very different way
  • i cant be without coffee – even if its also fermented i still drink coffee (and bitter organic cacao once a week kindof)
  • some raw ‘salad’ allowed in little quantities

So I started this diet on the 4th of January. Of course I was super impatient – and becoming stressed and unhappy when I didn’t see changes straight away.

With the diet I also started doing proper workouts (HIIT) – mostly because I had the idea of my yoga practice causing back pain – so I wanted to try what’s happening if I change it. It did help a lot – reducing my yoga to 2/week and increasing the sweaty workouts to 5/week works out beautifully – I feel stronger than ever and my back pain was almost totally gone.

footnote: I did some curious weighting on the first week and I got surprised that the scale showed 62 kilos. Not that it was visible much on me – I definitely felt it.

So in the first 2 weeks not much happened…. i think I lost my ‘serious farty times’ and slowly reached the point when I actually feel hungry before eating – and not eating only because ‘its time. Still, I wasn’t happy with the first 10 days so I did a thing – and eliminated the seeds from my diet. Yes, those lovely crunchy omega3 good fatty tiny seeds. (I have to admit I was overeating them big time – hardly had any day without a few big spoonfuls of tahini or pumpkin butter not even talking about the seed crackers and seed sprinkles for wonderful texture with all of my meals. I think this was a BIG THING and I felt some bigger changes happening in my tummy area. Definitely positive. My mind was turning into something very happy.

But in the middle of my third week… i ve got some shitty news – and got super-stressed again and angry to the whole stupid word …. and I fluffed myself up into a real balloon again.

I did have some takeaway sushi on that night – was not sure what was in the rolls – so maybe that but at that point during my whole elimination period following all the rules and got bloated was A HUGE SIGN THAT I NEED TO CONTROL MY STRESS because it affects my body big time.

love yourself from head to toe

keep continuing….

Open up your mouth…!

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