So the collab has been cancelled – for whatever reasons. BUT.

I never leave a job unfinished – so I’ve decided to cook my menu all way thru. To see what I had imagined.

  1. Mozzarella, preserved lemon and alexander

Made a shio, dropped some lemon halves innit, let it mature for a week and then drown the mozzarella underneath. Originally wanted to serve with cabbage salad (Christmas) but walking on the Riverside found some gorgeous young Alexander shoots and imagined a very refreshing dish. Sourdough dressing is my 5months old amino sauce with drops of olive oil and preserved lemon skin.

2. Yolk, nasturtium, koji rye, croissant

Got some rye bread from the freezer what we made before with koji berries, just sliced and toasted. The yolk got an hour curing in dark soy sauce with an additional spoon of muscovado. The nasturtium just beautifully growing in the neighbourhood so its simply pepperiness doing its own thing. The original dish suppose to come with a gorgonzola amino tonic – I replaced it with my croissant ‘tea’ -also 5months old ageing.

3. Pumpkin with lacto-shroom, chestnut, sage and chanterelles

First I saved a huge Halloween pumpkin to jump into the compost pile – I shaved some bits of and vacum pressed with chanterrelle tonic – then rolled them up like pasta. Opened a jar of my miso fermented lacto king oysters – gently panfried till golden. Chestnuts got a cozy roast then toast. Half of the sage turned crispy – the other half turned into oil to dress up the plate with some more chanterrelle tea tonic.

4. Cauliflower, cookie, mole and coffee

Chop chop cauliflower then roast till beautiful. The sauce made out of mixing my weirdly cheesy choc chip cookie dough miso with also homemade mole colorado (my secret ‘masterchef recipe :)))). Cauli got a finishing touch and necessary acidity with kombucha glaze.

5. Celeriac, brown butter, walnut and dandelion

First i grew black koji on a huge celeriac. Awamori creates acidic notes so it seasoned with perfection. Then the steak got some frying and roasting with olive oil – got the mold crisp up. The aerated sauce is an emulsion of ice clarified koji water and brown butter. For a touch of sweetness i glazed some walnuts with my dandelion kombucha. Nice bitter touch.

6. Birch bark, mushroom, kelp

Best part – infusing my icecream with birch bark. Got an easy egg-free recipe – just need to be careful with the bitterness of the bark. The actual ‘bark’ part made out of a tuille mix using several dried mushrooms, toasted roasted seaweeds, hazelnuts, burned pecans and my nutella miso and brioche amino sauce.

ANY MORE QUESTIONS? Love having fun…. stay tuned for more.

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