Hello hello friends!

I’m very happy to announce… i have a fabulous collaboration coming up with one of the sweetest chefs around Brighton, Chef Lambert and the two intellectually advanced doctors, the Koji Kins.

November and December are the busiest months for all of us so I was happily surprised when they asked me up for a collaboration to do a koji popup. (you can buy tickets here!)

It is very difficult to write a menu when you are not quite sure of the limits and possibilities of the event itself. I can say I’m very strong in a lot of things culinary wise – but I’m weak if we get anywhere close to pricing and costs, labour, booking online surface etc. I cook and create and let someone else count and advertise and sell.

So the menu is done. I had to re-do it a few times – many more times in my head actually. It had to be koji based (at least on the introduction level)- but not too weird and not very far away from an average person classic meal expectations. Of course, I wanted to create something unforgettable – but we should not shock and scare away our customers, at least not at the first time. :) so I did some changes and here is the plan now.

  1. surprise micro breadloaf
  2. Mozzarella, preserved lemon, cabbage, Luchuensis
  3. Yolk, nasturtium, rye, gorgonzola
  4. squash, walnuts, pear, chanterrele
  5. celeriac, chestnut, sage
  6. cauliflower, mole, coffee
  7. mushroom, kelp, bark …

The menu is still flexible but will be mind-blowingly delicious!!!!

Details coming soon – I can’t tell you much more – but all the dishes will be built up by the strength of the koji spores and their enzyme work afterwords.

Any more questions…. please stay tuned!

Open up your mouth…!

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