Still in proccess.

Some notes on my Cottage cheese black rice koji.

Was resting in the same jar for a month time. The weather was crazy – sometimes even 40 degrees so avoiding the ‘rancidity’ i placed the bottle in the fridge from time to time.

Nice ‘cheese-juice’ developed on the bottom. *

Put the cottageese’ in a cheesecloth (curtain LOL) and let it hang and dry and age for another 2 weeks. The smell is amazing, and the taste is very powerful.

* Made a cheeky little dish using the liquid, some fresh sour cream and baby carrot from the garden. Simplicity is everything. The cheese juice is strong and salty – fun for the mind as you don’t really understand where is the dominant pecorino’type flavor is coming from. The sour cream made it mild and silky while the raw baby carrot gave the texture, sweetness with a touch of bitter tone.

best cheesy soy sauce ever!!!

Open up your mouth…!

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