Ok. First week done. Not that hard as i was expected – guess my body knows more or less what is happening what makes things easier.

So the elimination part is easy now – i have absolutely no problem to put aside the gluten, dairy and sugars. What i had some issues with – is my own idea to mix the original detox diet with a low carb keto’like meal plan.

The basic diet im following is the NO DAIRY NO GLUTEN NO SUGAR (no booze or ready made meals and food flavouring or vinegars). Obviously i dont eat meat (unless its broth like ramen) so this sort of protein is out of the game.

The keto-diet is a very very low carb diet – like functioning with almost zero carb. It closes out not just the white ‘unhealthy’ simple ones but ‘good’ complex stuff like brown rice, sweet potato, lentils, chickpeas, potatoes, buckwheat (all the grains and most of the fruits) etc etc etc… BUT of course pushes a lots of protein – mostly meat – and good fats. I have no problem with increasing my good fat intake (raw coconut oil, avocado, oily fish, olives, seeds n nuts) but i could not really do anything with that much protein as i closed out all the dairy products – having huge impact in a keto diet usually with yoghurts and cheeses. So i thought about it and my body said a ‘No no’ to this very strict keto diet modification.

I kept this for the first week (was cheating only with some hummus and one banana) but now i will follow my instinct and allow some (not every meal) good carbs like wild rice and dhal or quinoa in my diet and some other fruits (not just berries) like banana and apple.

How am i?

I am still bloated. Not going to lie. And i was a bit surprised when i stood up on a scale yesterday – first time since i left the bakery with 56 kilos. I finally managed to get that 4 kilos i really wanted for ensecuring my menstrual cycle again. Im 59 kilos at the moment. And i think i dont mind – however i know i gained it with shitty pastries, booze and sugar instead of more quality food… well. Lets just say i took a break of my healthy concious. Once in a while.

Now im back on the healthy track and have no intention to lose any kilos (or period) – but it might gonna happen because the lack of sugar. We see.

The weekly meal plan is very simple this time. I still struggle with my chef mind trying to put too many things in the plate but i think i developed a lot since the previous diet. LOL. Also being in a quaranteen helps to think ahead. Not being allowed to drink my precious wine – make me cook easy food on high speed – as i cant sip my wine during cooking. 21 days left for that :)


I was flying back to UK from Denmark – was fasting all day.


  • strawberries in almond milk, nuts and probiotics
  • cauliflower soup with spinach and omega seeds
  • courgettes with egg and mealworms


  • chia pudding with blueberries and peanut butter
  • asparagus with purple cabbage, tofu and nutritional yeast crumb
  • spicy pho broth with veggies


  • berry tofu smoothie with cacao nibs and probiotics
  • salmon with broccoli and lemon tahini
  • rich vegetable soup


  • raspberry tofu with almond porridge
  • mackerel with kale and mustard dressing
  • smoked tofu with tomato, avocado and olive salad


  • probiotic GF porridge with chia and seeds
  • egg and mealworm scrumbled edd with stir fry cabbage
  • roasted cauliflower with ginger and turmeric hummus


  • banana-almond pancake with strawberries
  • tuna avocado salad with dandelion and bittercress
  • broccoli with smoked tofu and chickpeas with soy sauce

So yes. Im bloated. With less heavy feeling in the tummy and hardly having my guts under the preassure of an exploding balloon. My metabolism looks like working very well as i am able to visit frequently the toilet – occasionally even 3 times a day. So i have no problem with diarrhea or constipation. Poo situation is looking absurdly normal. Thanks God.

Keep doing what i do for the next 3 weeks. Feeling fine and sleeping well. Do lots of meditations just like how i practising 35-45 minutes yoga every midday before lunch. Reading lots and writing my book – soon gonna be able to get out and do the last foraging bits also. Exciting. Being positive.

p.s.> just created the best ever keto-diet dessert: black olive fudge. Mindblowingly good – just imagine a piece of healthy vegan fat to pamper your sensitive brilliant brain cells. OMG fingerlicking.

because i can not stop…. ever.

Open up your mouth…!

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