Yes. I had a crazy idea in my head about trying to grow koji spores in cornflakes. As i knew its working and possible to do with popcorn – so why the hell it would not work on cornflakes? :) Well… it was a real challenging journey i had to say. But the result was pretty much awesome – solving a problem of mine was going back long time – the issue finding a great dairy free gut supportive kefir / sour yoghurt. But let me slow it down and start from the begining.

Step by step. It happened only once -full of not planned maneuvers – but i feel i learnt so much of this experience that when (and i will) i do it next time it wont be anything accidental – at least i pretend.

So when we grow koji we use steamed rice and koji spores right? Well the steamed rice should never be overcooked and soggy – but wet enough. In the case of cornflakes – well just think about how dry and crispy should it be in normal circumstances. My plan was to moisten the flakes a bit using my waterspay bottle than place them in the incubator. Was checking time to time for the moist – with clean hands. Not really measuring the quantity of water i sprayed on the surface – was just trying to keep the humadity (also having the tray in the chamber full on water).

After the first day – nothing happened. After the second day – still nothing. On the 3rd day – i could see tiny bit of white dots appearing in some corners… 4th day : the result is pretty weak. Visually almost zero – and flavour-wise also disappointing. Well – i guess this is fair – trying something new doesnt have to be a success all the time.

However i did want to give a second chance to this experiment – so i thought trying to make an amazake out from this not successful koji cornflakes – could not go anything worse than where i was.

Im not very good in giving up things. LOL.

So i measured the final weight for the cornflakes and added about double amount of water and placed it in the fermentation box for one day. OMG. OMF*CKINGOD. In just a couple of hours the spores started flourising all over the wet corflakes. It soaked all the water in and the spores went crazy – like after so many days of dying of thirst – finally they got the chance of drowning in moist. After 12 hours all my flakes was covered with a beautiful thick layer of koji. Very happy koji i have to say. I tasted it and it was pretty amazing – again like pure umami – your tastebuds and braincells going crazy not understanding the whole happening.

Than this point i thought – ok, now i will try to make an amazake second time. LOL. Measuring out the actual weight of the well-grown koji cornflakes, adding rice and water. Again – chamber for 10-12 hours. The result was great. It started to bubble only in a couple of hours – i think it was a pretty vigorous one. When i tasted the liquid under the amazake – i tasted the good old flavour of my homemade kefir (made with Keffi’ my grain). Sour in a pretty rural way – you know a bit like when a fresh milk taste like the ‘farm’ – this is how my cornflakes amazake tasted. And of course it was fully vegan.

So after such a long time i was looking for a spore, fungus or mold (not water kefir) to create something healthy and beneficial for digestion but not related to dairy products and can be absolutely amazingly useful for breakfast… and i just accidentally created my vegan cornflakes koji keffir.

So after nothing left just blend the amazake – here you can control more the texture to adding or taking away solids or ‘water’ – i strained the solids first and adding back the liquid slowly to reach the texture i prefer. Also i blended in some delicious blackberry jam.

Outstanding. Fingerlickingly outstanding. Over the moon.

2 responses to “TEST KITCHEN – koji kefir”

  1. sleepproject Avatar

    Just love your dedication and inventiveness/experimentation. Yesterday I just restarted my water kefir after neglecting it for MANY months (not even in the fridge :/ ) But I was delighted to find the grains much healthier than they were before! :D Curious why you don’t go for water kefir? Hoping I can get the good habit back; I once added prunes and accidentally made really good fizzy cola! .. am looking forward to trying that again. Also trying sauerkraut again recently and building up to kim chi – to try with ransoms (wild garlic – UK). x

    1. Kat Avatar

      Hm. I never chose the easier way… but I might try to get some water kefir also. I’m crazy but that’s my love and someone has to try everything so we will know right? Sometimes this Someone has to be me 😛 and I’m enjoying. Keep having fun! ASAP I ve got my box back will start a vegan nut kojiize (cheese) project 🤩

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