Life after Noma. Right? My belly just simply F*cked. or F*CKED. So its time to act again.

Its been a while that its bad again – more or less since Christmas time – but i was just over-excited about coming to Noma and live a bit in Copenhagen right? Also its very difficult to keep any sort of diet if you are a chef intern in one of the best restaurant in the world. Not just the things we had the chance to try but also the staff food we had and we could save money with – was usually never the ‘best and healthiest’ option for an inflamed belly. I did try swear to God (which i never do usually) having no booze weekdays, and gluten free weeks – sometimes many days without dairy. But sugar was the only thing i could not get rid of. There was always around in many forms – especially since i was doing a second internship at Hart Bageri which was brilliant. Just brilliant i loved it But of course – everything was drowned in brown butter and vanilla sugar syrup. Heavenly pain all over. Meeeeeeeh meh meh.

But now. I had my last day at Noma yesterday and finished at the Bakery 2 days ago. Now i have literally a weekend left in Copenhagen to finish myself off and get on my flight back to UK. And i will start a never better planned 1 month elimination diet from the day i land starting with the 10 days obligatory quarantine. Its gonna work out pretty well. I will follow the same rules like before apart from not taking the nuts out from my diet. But NO GLUTEN, NO DAIRY AND NO SUGAR IN ANY FORMS – means no booze, no vinegar, no sweet plant milk from shop and no soy sauce or miso or anything with alcoholic fermentation. Lots of cooked food and i will allow myself to enjoy meat broth (pho, ramen) from time to time as its great for the guts and digestion overall.

surprisingly no strechmarks yet – this is after a sip of my coffee kombucha

I also started to read a very interesting book – and scary so far: the GRAIN BRAIN by David Perlmutter MD. Im still just at the beginning but it focuses on the facts that ‘maybe’ the grains – as the carbohydrates (and the sugars in the carbs) killing our brain and leading us to a slow and painful death. See what i will learn from this book and using the new informations to work into my diet (like way less carbs and tonns more healthy fats).

Also i am aware that i was diagnosed with PCOS. How the hell i could forget about this? My cysts playing american football in my pelvic area from time to time. A good or and bad news is – after finishing my 3 months contraception rings was expecting a ‘not returning’ period. However it took for and extra 3 weeks but my bleeding did appear by itself without any ‘medicinal help’. Still was worried about my unusual and uncomfortable cysts pain so even the doctor’s only suggestion was – ‘live with it’ i decided to do something for it. After reading tonns from Aviva Romm MD – she is absolut brilliant – realised that i have to take this very f*ckin seriously. So not just mixing and matching my elimination diet with my PCOS diet – but trying to boost it up with natural remedies to help organizing my inbalanced hormons.

  1. Try to reduce insulin resistance with – no sugar, lots of vegetables in rainbow colors, no dairy, no booze, trying not to eat after 7pm… and reach for more:
  • methylfolate (greens, spinach, broccoli, mustard, turnip)
  • alpha lipoic acid (carrot, beet, potato, yeast, tomato, broccoli, brussel sprouts)
  • chromium (mussles, seafood, broccoli, grapes, wine, brazil nut)
  • inositol (beans, corn, sesame)
  • pinitol (carob)
  • vitamins B,C,D
  • cinnamon, licorice

2. Supporting Adrenal funcions with:

  • foraging rhodiola plant, reishi and maitake shrooms
  • good sleep, meditation
  • trying to reduce caffeine (chocolate also meh)

3. Detoxification :

  • psyllium husk, chia and linseed
  • probiotics and ferments
  • vitamins
  • no stress

4. Help for hormones:

  • foraging peony and black cohosh plants
  • NAC (in legumes, egg, sunflower seed, tuna, oatmeal)

I found these so far to help me surfing this thing out, most of them is supporting digestion, healthy guts and fasten up metabolism helping the body to turn food into energy. Other stuff is supporting the hormonal background and help for menthal health in general. I will keep you updated for sure. I feel the power for doing this now. YES>

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