Hello. Well well well. Like it or not, this chapter has ended here. For now. We are not gonna be able to ‘make it’. At least not now. Be announced that Danish restaurants can invite their guests again to dine in from the 6th of May. Noma will gonna get ‘its new look’ around that time so possibly will open a touch later than this date. Our official internship period will end by 3rd of April. Well well well.

I could not get my time extended in the fermentation lab – and of course i could have stay in the production kitchen for longer period of time, but i choose to go. Thank you – but i have to finish my book.

However i could not get the chance to deal with the ‘real noma’ in these weird covid-times – i did get a HUGE bonus. And this is the HART BAGERI. Oh hell yesssss…. i managed to do ‘2 in 1 internship. I am amazing LOL.

Basically the whole idea of Hart was coming from the very beggining when we experienced the effect of pandemic inside of the walls of the restaurant. Truly – when i realised we are going to do cleaning with cleaning and cleaning with some more deep cleaning to finish it off. I had this cheeky idea coming into my mind – just like i became a baker in the FlourPot in Brighton before – i could do bakery work here! Copenhagen is stuffed with millions of amazing bakeries which are very much alive and busy like crazy. Then i actually thought of Hart Bageri – as the ‘sister instituition’ of Noma – they coming and going hand in hand. So cut the story short – i did asked my sous and headchef if i could possibly work a couple of days a week in the bakery. OH FUK HELL YEAH.

Unfortunately i dont have working permission in Denmark (this wasnt a part of the plan) so i officially was unable to get a paid baker job anywhere… but Hart Bageri is one of the best (if not THE BEST) in town and though i can use some knowledge – always. I was very interested of scandinavian bread and pastry culture from the beggining. So win win – as the bakery was overloaded with work and short on staff by that time. And here we are.

I got the chance to look into all those mind blowing pastries which makes this bakery so unique with its ‘weird’ al la minute builded up croissants and little cakes. If you dont know exactly where the bakery is located – just follow the neverending queue all the time in the street till the next corner. I doubt there is anyone who would regret buying the cheesecake or white sesame miso cookies. HEAVEN.

Thank you Guys to let me in and share all the tricks and secrets what make you so special. To see what the hell is ‘watershaping’ and how do you do your magic with those sexy cardamom muffin croissants or easter egg panettone dreams.

THANK YOU. This part of the journey ends now – but pretty f@ckin hope i can see you all soon in the future. F’ck virus – let us be free again. On this sweet sweet journey.

Open up your mouth…!

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