NOMAtter 04.

Hello Hello Hello. Welcome back to the adventures of Lockdown Noma.

Past 2 weeks since the last post. I believe we are very very lucky interns. However – the lockdown got extended again – till the 5th of April which means that we lost all our hope that we can experience a proper service time in Noma. But well… instead of that its still just us – 14 – and had 2 brilliant weeks with awesome creativity challanges we could be a part of – both weeks the task was to create a ready to go dish. To each group minimum one dish. A perfect one. The One. (or more)

enjoying finally some stress in the service kitchen

Keeping our eyes open – fulfilling the mind with new techniques and methods and possibilities. And actually we did create some ‘overthemoon’ plates of food.

Not much i can say – or i want to say more – let the projects talk for me. Who knows, maybe we have here some future ‘noma dishes. Lots of potential for sure.

  • cod cheek project – fish hidden in a kelp pocket – BBQ then serve with a miso emulsion
  • celeriac project – freeze then slow cook a celeriac brushing with different marinades. Served on a tiny quail’s egg then gorgeous ‘waste product’ was the juice turned into a sexy bloody ‘celemary
  • noodle project part 1. with ‘stuffed’flower petal noodles – filling is fresh crab meat with herb’s stems and berries – served fridge cold while the noodle is white – pouring hot aromatic crab broth turning the petals transparent – finish with rose and blackberry oil
  • noodle project part 2. with mussels – noodles are colored with charcoal and filled with a clean mussel served on a real shell with a bit of broth and irish moss under
  • oyster project – slightly poached and chopped oyster served on a sharp horseradish emulsion with seaweeds and acidic cucumber jelly bubbles
  • crispy potato paper seasoned with dulse and aronia fudge served on moss pudding and toasted kelp, yoghurt n lingonberry flowers
  • kingfish terrine project – cured fish rolled into a ballotine, set around a cream mousseline and served with a white strawberry tartar packed with fresh herbs and simple butter froth
  • monkfish cheek project – fish wrapped in cabbages and BBQ, dressed with mustard seed, oxalis, garlic capers, nasturtium and served with a mindblowing mustard oil and koji water-butter sauce
  • baked fish collar with rose and fresh tofu with butter emulsion – spot on textures served with a mini lasagne cube

Still lot more left to work but very very happy Renee, very very happy chefs.

Open up your mouth…!

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