Hello People. I guess i owe you one. Oh well yes.

Just had to re-read my last post where was i exactly before… in the deep bloated sh*t as i realised. Now im back home. Eating and eating and eating pretty much everything.

Wait, lets start ‘at the beggining’ – lets start when i left the bakery, when i stopped doing the night shifts and i took my flight to get back home for some family christmas holiday.

apple tart tatin

I got my period back. After using contraception ring for one month. I totally forgot how f’ckin uncomfortable the bleeding thing and not really for the blood itself but the pain and crumps and feeling sh’t in general. Welcome back ‘feminine me’ :) hahahaha.

For my hormones i started to use some natural bee royal jelly as my very good friend suggested.

{footnote: keep the royal jelly in the fridge, put a ‘pea size’ under your tounge with a plastic spoon, no food or drinks 30 minutes before and after, once every day when you dont have your period}

pecan pumpkin pie

How is my digestion?

I realised im totally fine with gluten. I do bread (not white but brown sourdough with lots of good seeds) i tried pizza and pasta and pastries… and its easy on my tummy. Dairy products… i still try to eat with moderation. When i cook a christmas degustation menu for friends – of course its ok some cream in the pudding or cheese with the risotto. But in everyday life i really try to keep it in a minimum level. Sugar intake is a bit higher than was before – i dont hold myself back of cooking and baking everyday – this is MY CHRISTMAS FAMILY HOLIDAY so im enjoying myself with different cakes every day. Also i wanted to gain weight and i want to stick with my period naturally so i do everything to get that 3 kilos back for ‘safety reason’ :)/ So lets EAT CAKES!

My bloated belly… i do have days with and days without. I realised my body needs ‘breakfast breaks’ sometimes and also have to keep my seed and nut intake in a minimum level.

{footnote: i was fine with fluffy unhealthy pastries for breakfast till i had my good old healthy sugarfree peanut butter & banana & coconut flakes porridge and i got the sh’tthy good old heavy digestion back}

I do do some meat – mainly for *family peace* reasons – and also because there are some difficulties to find good quality fish as often as i would like to (not mentioning other protein sources like tofu or tempeh or seitan – mission impossible in my tiny hometown.

chocolate with fermented sour cherry n alexander pepper cacao tuille

So i just simply accepted that i have some bloated days and some light days. Its all ok. I feel my digestion is working well in general – i think its good to eat different style of food for now, mum’s food with sweet childhood memories.

I do suffer from tiredness, i feel myself weak and rusty. I keep pushing yoga every second or third day – however my original plan was practising every single morning. I sleep 9-10 hours but i feel like a grandma’, my lower back hurts and i have general muscle pain kindof everywhere. I dont really understand why. (i know i dont rest enough, apart from the nighttimes i keep running everywhere, coming and going and doing things all day. No nap. I MISS NAP.

christmas beef fillet with spiced hazelnut and re-hydrated beetroot, molasses jus

So this is where i am right now. I stopped writing my food diary – i only make notes when i have any negative symptoms.

I think its good that i did free my mind a bit and changed environment and ‘lifestyle’ – however i miss the bakery and cooking as a chef – so i keep feeding my friends and family big time. Usually they dont complain about 5-6 course X-mas degustation.

I keep my eyes on myself during these festive times but will allow to my naughty side to enjoy those orange chocolate cookies and ginger cinnamon shortbread. Fingers cross my New Year’s Copenhagen-plan will not going to change and looking forward to those new excitements at the restaurant Noma. Hope all those beautiful scandinavian nordic fermented food will also do good not just for my soul but for my tummy.

pineapple tart tatin

Hope my next blueberry post will come from out there!

2 responses to “Blueberries Diary 05.”

  1. sleepproject Avatar

    Good news :) You do need nap! It took me years to train myself to rest when with family but I can just about do it now. Re. your tiredachyness – have a look at the Earthing documentary (“full documentary”) on youtube and see if it might apply to you? I have had fatigue for 5 years or more and it has helped me a great deal to get an earthing blanket, my energy is coming back. Good luck!

    1. Kat Avatar

      Thank you soooooo much! I ll do xxx

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