Hello hello… long time no see. Reason of my absence was nothing else but collecting more information about my situation to share here. As i did find out that i have PCOS.

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome. I dont intend to get into deep details about this ‘illness’ here – you can check it out if you want to know more. In the last week i spent plenty time only to read about it and my brain is fried up by now. Let me say it in a nutshell: my body produces too much ‘male hormones’ which makes my body stop ‘laying eggs’ pretty much – the undeveloped ‘eggs’ never leave the ovaries instead ‘becoming’ lots of tiny cysts (polycyctic). This is a very ‘rough’ description only to understand the idea of whats happening in my body. I know this out from a proper blood test and an inside scan. Its crazy but looks like every 5th woman has it – and not even aware of. There are some usual symptoms like gaining weight, lots of hair (growing everywhere), bad skin – but like i have non of these. Only ‘amenorrhea’ – when i simply just dont have period anymore.

So i have PCOS – its a fact now. The real question is – is this has anything to do with my digestion issues??? Or its something happening on the side?

This is a very good question. Because if you following the ‘amazing adventures of bloated NakedPea’ :) you all know that i was suffering with bloated belly and heavy digestion for longer time – longer time than my period disappeared (i started my elimination diet – lost 4 kilos and i lost my bleeding from the 2nd month). However i do have to mention here that my menstruation was missing for some time already before (i was living in Barcelona when i didnt have a period for over a year). This means only that i did have PCOS – i just didnt know about it as i was using contraception and with that i always had my bleeding regulary.

So i was reading and reading more and more about the connection between your digestion and female reproduction system. And diet with PCOS. And bloating with this syndrome. Here and there reading more and more my conclusion is: it is very likely that i have digestion issues (innflamation and bloated belly) because of this illness. This can be my original problem.

Lot more information running around about the ‘perfect diet’ for this. I will going to create a great dietary plan for my needs with my Nutritionist Sally in the next week (and of course i will share it here). I already know that however i dont seem to be gluten intolerant – gluten is very not helping for PCOS so i will have to leave it behind for sure. I already stopped dairy products – so this will not going to make a huge difference. Consuming them does not make me sick – so i still can work with milky products’ as a chef and trying them out – but to be fair the dairy industry is so disgusting that we all should stop the consumption of it anyway. We should stop acting like baby cows. Sugar elimination (mostly because of the bad yeast in your body) is also key factor and more fibre. Fibre fibre and fibre.

So how do i do right now?

I eat every sort of vegetables and fruits i can find (makes me very happy). Also legumes and nuts and seeds. I did try some beautiful rye sourdough bread yesterday – other than that im off from gluten and also from dairy. Sugar intake reduced mainly for my #winejoy twice a week and some ‘trying to keep it healthy’ dark chocolate bits. My tummy pain gone thanks GOD – however i ve got some annoying lower back pain and doesnt wanna go away (very unpleasant especially experimenting acrobatic poses during sex LOL). My digestion is definitely got better – i know it because i ve got back my apetite and i want to eat more. This is a great sign – compairing to my miserable sick myself before who hardly wanted to look at any food.

homemade rice crackers with dark chocolate and passion fruit

So i stopped eating breakfast – shame because my favorite meal of the day was a bowl of cornflakes with yoghurt and berries. I eliminated it – as i always felt so heavy after so i decided to give a go and take a break on it. Instead of breakfast i have a rice cake, nut cracker or a banana with my morning coffee (not to cause heartburn to my empty tummy) then 1-2 hours later i have my savory ‘lunch’. Trying to push as much good complex carbs, healthy fats and proteins innit as possible. I have flat tummy sometimes – sometimes even in the evenings. I do have pregnant effects other days though – and i accept it. This is a part of me. And it will be forever now. I am just happy i can eat again – and i dont mind to chew on a whole cauliflower and threat my workmates with an overnight farting action. I can enjoy food and i started to work on my book again. Actually i just invented one of the best dessert so far – my acorn paris brest. Spot on.

choux with acorn cream mousseline

I keep drinking lots of water during a day, taking my digestion supplements and vitamin B komplex. Doing plenty of self love – i meditate more and doing some challenging yoga. Also i connect with my food every time i eat. It might sounds silly but works. I put my laptop and phone away while i enjoy the meal and taste every little bit and chew on every single texture just watching out thru the window listening some relaxing music. Giving a big huge hug to my belly after thanking for doing all this hard work and supporting me nomatter what.

acorn profiteroles (dairy free)

Im truly greatful getting back the joy of eating and creating. Hope i keep it for long. Even if it means the neverending bloated times – i realized what matters. And i am beautiful PCOS ‘pregnant’ (- how funny cause im probably infertile by now anyway meeeeeh) – i dont care about the rest. LOVE YOURSELF.

Open up your mouth…!

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