Hello Lovely People!

Hope you are all well. Let me see me now :) how i am doing. Better. Much better. However i always afraid to say this out loud – as i did it so many times in the last year. I got better – then i got worse again. So i touch wood now every time i mention – im not going down but up.


Ok. So symptoms.

I have no pain or cramps (in the last 10 days). I have some short farty periods but nothing major or life threatening. My belly is almost 100% flat most of the mornings, medium in the evenings when i go to bed. The feeling of heavy digestion – maybe happening twice out from ten. I think its pretty good ratio. My energy level is also much more higher then it was – im not doing yoga in the whole week – so i can focus my energy to heal my belly, my guts, myself. When i will have some extra energy and power – i will start to enjoy yoga again. There is no point to suffer for it while im in a bad weak condition. And its alright.

Ok. Diets.

Currently i still hold myslef to the FODMAP DIET. I dont eat high fodmap food and also avoiding the things what the kinesiology test mentioned as a possible intolerance factor – like carrot, lentils, pear, orange, MSG and all dairy products. Fodmap means im glutenfree also. Yeastfree. Trying to limit the refined sugars and also minimal nuts. Its been difficult but not impossible.

nettle creamsoup with seeded crackers

I stopped drinking coffee for 10 days. Now im slowly trying to re-enter into my daily routine with a limitation (one per day). Only because i love the flavour (ok for FODMAP). See if this has some effect on me.

Started to drink way more water than i was doing before. I can proudly say i do reach the 2 liters per day. I was just too lazy before and never cared. Silly silly me.

I ate a whole chicken this week. Because i didnt hear anything else but how amazing is chicken soup, is the best cure for health issues, fills you up with energy etc etc… so i decided to forgive myself. I bought a ‘happy chicken’ and made a gorgeous soup with it using fodmap vegetables (turnip n parsnip and tonns of ginger). I was eating nothing else for 3 days. Thank you ‘my chicken friend’ i appreciate your life and hope you reached a happy chicken heaven. Hopefully i can pay back your favour at some point later on. The soup did give me plenty of energy and suddenly all my friends mentioned ‘how healthy you look like’ hahahahaha. Which is really great cause 10 days ago i wanted to die – felt so weak and sh*t. Thank you Chicken.

never underestimate Mom’s chicken soup

Ok. Treatment.

So i take my digestive enzyme before every meal. Now i have a new stuff, Slippery Elm which is the inner bark of a tree. ” Slippery elm bark is a demulcent. This means that it is capable of soothing the lining of the stomach and intestines and reducing irritation. Demulcents are sometimes referred to as mucoprotective agents. ” I take 2 of this (one in the morning and one in the evening). I bought a super female vitamin complex focusing on my missing period and also worry s bit to get all the essentials during this weird diet. One every day. Liquid vitamin B complex once a week for my liver support. Also keep going on with Sacc Boulardii to fight against my bad bacterias and yeast.

Hm. Thats it pretty much. I m spending lot more time to focus on myself, meditating and talking to my inner child, the little Kati who was nedlected for a very long time and i found her again. Its pretty weird self-therapy stuff but i do find it very useful. Spending more time with myself its not always easy but leading somewhere good i know.

Let me introduce Pindri me :)

My hunch is: ‘dairy’ is the real enemy. My secret plan is to dig myself into gluten after this month of LOWFODMAP diet. I must take a risk and follow my instinct. Also start to accept the fact of ‘no-cheese and no-icecreams’ so i actually pulled a little trigger in my brain and push myself very hard on working great dairy free puddings and treats. Aiming for lots of fun instead of crying and feeling miserable. I ll try my best.

My food doesnt look very interesting nowadays – i REALLY HAVE TO KEEP IT AS SIMPLE AS POSSIBLE. ITS TOUGH – BUT I JUST DO WHAT I HAVE TO DO. Also must check my fodmap list all the time – lots of lists exist online – but they all say different things. Like:

  • no pickled vegetables – but pickled gherkins allowed ?
  • no chestnut flour allowed but chestnut?
  • no coconut water allowed but fresh, milk and cream is ok?
  • no quinoa milk is allowed but grain quinoa is fine?
  • no soy beans allowed but tofu and soy sauce and soy protein yes?
  • no fresh beetroot allowed but canned and pickled yes?
bones of sardines are great for your gut

See – its not that simple hahahah. But keep up. We still can push this hard enough. Dont give up.

Open up your mouth…!

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