Im tired. And angry. And bloated. But i put so much on this already – that i wont let myself down.

Ok. Lets start the third chapter. Lots of ups and down. Lets jump to the next possibility – SIBO.

In a couple of words – SIBO is when your bacterias decide to change location and they start to live in a place where they should not. Ususally your bacteria families climbing up to the upper part of your guts from the lower level. This can cause lots of problems – one of what im suffering from – heavy bloated belly. Also making your life harder by not letting your nutritions get ‘sucked up’ properly into your body – which cause crazy tiredness, lack of vitamins and minerals, not scheduled poo’ ceremonies. So its not very funny. This is our new ‘guess’ with my nutritionist – as my symptoms were disappeared while i was on the oregano treatment. She thought that i had too many ‘die off’ symptoms so she believes i might kill more stuff than just one single parasite. I was not bloated that time – but SIBO is coming back every time if you dont change your diet properly for a good while. And they came back again. More frustrated then ever. So we will try the famous LOW FODMAP DIET this time.

More information check —here— for example.

FODMAP – its a tricky name (u probably think i am misspelling). Kindof says what it is but it doesnt in the same time. A map for food – yes. but.

FODMAP stands for fermentable oligo-, di-, mono-saccharides and polyols. Fermentable sugars in all sorts of food basically. And im not talking about caster sugar here :)))) its a bit more ‘complex’. But every food has got some – what everyone’s digestion system can or can not digest (in a different way).

This is a diet what makes huge difference between green banana and ripe banana. Or blackberries and blueberries. Its all about their sugars. I always knew that ‘sugar is the enemy’.

But every human body is different – so this FODMAP is only a helping guide to ‘eliminate’ every single risky element. Not forever of course – but for a good while. Cleaning out the body – just like i did at the beggining of my journey (the gluten and dairy and sugar). I will go for this challenge for 4 weeks time. Have to be creative – but the list is not too bad. I ve experienced much worse – believe me. Like much more worse when you absolutely have no clue about whats happening (and WHY???) and having no more ideas about ‘whats next’. So i will build up an easy menu following the fodmap rules (easy menu right? this is gonna be the most difficult part) and writing a strict diary which i will send to Sally (my nutritionist) every week for check. Keep supporting my body with vitamin komplex B, digestive enzymes, saccharomyces boulardii pills.

I also try to cross out a couple more things from the list. I finally got the mask at work so i can wear it making sure not to breath any flour in. I had a feeling that if im intolerant to wheat – only inhale it can make my body crazy. Anyway – i ve got the mask so lets clean those lungs!!! :)

Same with my ‘women’s stuff’. I ve got an appointment to the GP (unfortunately in 20 days time) so do a smear test and have a better look on my cervix and ovaries – to see if the bloated state is not coming from this direction. Also fix my period which i ve been ‘missing’ since i started this diet and i lost 5 kilos. This should be crossed out so we can fully focus on the digestion system.

Also got an appointment booked to a ‘kinesiology’ food intolerance test (in 2 weeks time) – because ‘i cant lose enything’ right? If they can tell me anything new about my body – i would appreciated it big time.

Fingers cross – I should get better pretty quick. See if its SIBO or something else – we will know at the end of this 03/01 round of diet. Pffffffffffffffffff…. fingers cross.

p.s.> best thing ever – im allowed to enjoy my wine!!!!! :) i can keep up this diet forever and ever and ever :))))

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