Good bloated day Everyone!

Yes. Hm. I dont understand neither. Im bloated. Again. And of course i have no idea why… i still keep myself away from gluten, just like from sugar and yeast. And i still got bloated. Again i was trying to find conspiracy theories – maybe just breathing the air in the bakery (gluten) cause me this problem – but falied – its hapenning usually when im working but last time i had 4 days off in a row – was still issue at home. After i thought i just got too much seeds and nuts again in my body (as i was getting very addicted to a spoonful of peanut butter every morning with my coffee hahaha) – maybe eating too much of that amazing omega3 GF crackers… so i stopped it for a couple of days. Still bloated. Now i m kindof eating only cucumber, carrot, green leaves with rice crackers.. still on. Im lost now.

Have no f@cking clue whats the problem. Was wondering maybe is the alcohol… but i had some wine one time last week and thats it. I cant see or feel any connection in time with my bloated belly. This is what i had in the second half of the last week – when i realized i have to start this diary again:


breakfast: Coconut yoghurt, blueberries, puffed rice

lunch: Banana, tofu, nibs, pinenut, oat

dinner: Newpotatoes, rock samphire, mustard pesto, seabass, octopus, kimchi


breakfast: Blueberries, coconut yoghurt, peanut, oat

lunch: Newpotatoes w mustard pesto

dinner: Stir fry veg rice


breakfast: Apples, cornflakes, coconut yoghurt, pinenut

lunch: Egg whites, rice cakes, omega seeds, pesto, little foraged greens

dinner: Roasted carrots, egg mayo, pickles, musrard


breakfast: Strawberries, protein, chia, coconut flakes, ricepuff

lunch: Cucumber, hummus, lettuce, walnut

dinner: Cucumber, spinach, cheddar, dill, lemonjuice, rice cakes

I start to believe… that this is something else. That maybe its my natural ‘cycle’ of digestion – that its coming and going from time to time and i can not do anything against it. I am out of ideas. I love my body – i still love my bloated belly- even if i dont understand how is it possible having proper 6packs one morning and 4 months pregnancy on the next one.

I postponed my appointment with Sally – i feel i dont have enough information again of this – i dont know what to say. Im bloated again. I dont know why. So i will start challenging myself, first one will be the ‘rice challenge’. I will slowly start to eat rice only for this week. For every meal. Its one of the best staple food – good carb and should be one of the easiest to digest. Its gonna be really hard – but see whats happening if i will slowly turning away from my beloved green vegetables.

I have no other idea. But i wont give up.

Open up your mouth…!

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