I start again. Bit different. Same same but different diet this time. Not even really diet but mostly ‘killing it softly’ :) So the plan is to kill Bela – my parasite who is living in a dream in my guts. He does make me feel uncomfortable so unfortunately has to go. I start the fight today.

I ve got my Oregano extract arrived with my Saccharomyces Boulardii capsules so i ve got everything i need to start with. This time the diet suppose to be 2 weeks long but i really want to make sure – so i ll make it up to 3 weeks. Also its not really a diet anymore – i kindof living my life with these rules… like eliminating sugar (in every form) and yeast from my body. Plus not allowed to eat any sort of fermented food (packed with good bacterias) or probiotics – as Bela loves those and we have to starve him out. So other than this… i will have to make my digestion life easier so cook everything and eating tonns of fibres and good carbs and good fats etc etc… no wine for 3 weeks – thats the strongest part of the diet – but i did it before so it will be fine.

I have no other restrictions for nuts or dairy or gluten – however i have to avoid bread because of yeast and have to avoid milk because of the lacto-bacteria (i did stop drinking that since i m aware of not being a baby cow).

So see how it goes.

Starting with 2 oregano capsules in the first 2 days (breakfast and lunch) then increase it into 3 – one each every meal for at least 2 weeks. Every night i take a Sacc Boulardii for vanish the yeast from my body. Taking my digestive enzymes and cooking everything i eat.

Meanwhile i am working on my forager book by testing plenty of recepies and practising with my new camera by taking billions and billions of pictures for the book.

Keep continue….

Open up your mouth…!

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