Week 10-11th. No allergy test. We decided to go “much more deeper” in this – into my guts actually.

My nutritionist’s opinion is (considering all the random symptoms keep coming back time to time) that my problem related to my guts – maybe i have a parasite. After 3 month dieting, eliminating sugar, dairy and gluten … then adding back slowly… looks like i have no intolerance. At least nothing crazy.

my (3 months) aged smoked wild garlick cashew block with gooseberries and nettles

I got much more better ( and i lost that 5kilos – possible that extra 5% body fat was just covering my body like a nice warm scarf in winter) – still i would love to know what s behind my crazy random bloated belly (from one minute to the other) and superheavy feeling in my stomach. I got this far so i wont stop here. I will going to do a funny test instead of the allergy one.

Stool test. Have you heard of it? Have you ever done it? :) Well – its my turn. I will do probably the century’s stool test. At least seeing on its price. It is sooo expensive that i expect the result showing all my billions of little bacterias and yeasts and parasites (if i have any) with their exact home address in my gut system. Appearantly we will see everything whats happening in there and we can read out a tonns of imformations – if any of the bacterias doesnt work properly causing problems – like an inflammation. After my nutritionist will de-code the results we can find the ‘leak on the gut’ and be able to aim our support to the exact area. Hm. Cant wait.

fermented enoki mushroom with blackbean BBQ sauce and little gem

I mean i have to wait 2 weeks with the test – because i was using probiotics and digestive enzymes to help my digestion – these have to be gone by the time of the test – so it wont show any fake results. But after that – im very very keen on to see whats the deal – can my body actually working thru all the food i eat – can i absorb all the micro and macro stuff i consume, can i break down the fats and proteins in the right level? etc.

homemade ‘csiga’ pasta with smoked rice cream and my wild garlic capers

I am almost at the end of the 3 months ‘dieting’. I re-entered food which i eliminated at the beggining. I can eat cheese (i am 100% in sheeps and goats) and also i tried pasta made with normal flour (i made it actually) containing gluten. Also had rye bread with a mackerel dish… and had no crazy symptoms were showing off at the end of the day. So i guess i can claim out – have no serious intolerance.

cured&pickled mackerel on seeded rye bread with apple, cucumber, gooseberry and borage gazpacho

footnote: still no regret for this whole diet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i m not planning to eat tonns of dairy or gluten in the future – also keep the white sugar off from my diet – its just crazy what it does with us.

I know my body more – i know a handful of things i digest a bit harder than other things – like sweetcorn, almond or olives – but we all have our ‘problematic’ ingredients i assume. My symptoms keep appearing randomly so i dont think it has anything to do with any food. Maybe a certain groups of family – maybe i have problem to digest fats – maybe my ‘fatty bacterias’ running low. Maybe. Maybe perhaps. We will see after the test. Fingers cross.

Till then i keep cooking. Cooking and foraging. Unfortunately i got back to the bad habit of ‘snacking’ because i find no time for a 3rd meal during my day – and this makes me hungry and pushing me to ‘nibble’. Nothing unhealthy – just like fudge with my afternoon coffee or cheese with seeded crackers. Trying to work on this 3 meals per day. Promise.

And in the meantime… i was just enjoying my 35th birthday almost for a whole week. With all the family and friends i was able to gather around me.

Open up your mouth…!

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